MyLottoCoin: Smart Way to Win

MyLottoCoin: Smart Way to Win

Once you make it to actually learning how the lottery works, however, you start to realize there is nothing funny about what has been done here. The way the MyLottoCoin works is very fun. It is a mechanism that enables to increase profit by simply holding MYL token.

Imagine having this token MYL and increasing your income due to a simple reward system. 10% of total ticket sales on the platform is allocated and distributed quarterly (every 3 months) among MYL token holders (100MYL and above) by the smart contract in ETH. The reward program is fully autonomous which solves security issues in traditional lottery infrastructure. DeFi enables you to stay anonymous and just enjoy your lottery. That is the fun in the game.

Why is this ecosystem worth our attention? The whole secret is in the Winning Pool that reaches 85% of the whole ticket sale, which makes it literally one of the biggest WPs in the world. Also, the ongoing game follows the US Powerball rules, including draw days and winning numbers, which are captured instantly and live the exact moment they are published in the US Powerball website. This makes My Lotto Coin a truly and fully decentralized lottery.

All in all we get a fully-operating system that enables to increase revenue from your own lottery activities, saving tool in the form of MYL holding and passive investment income from rewards distribution.


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