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The Apps that brings learning & development into the 21st Century!!

It is always a difficult time for families when a child is diagnosed as being differently abled and many struggle to adjust to their new reality. Having a child with special needs was, and still is, challenging, but most parents wouldn’t change anything for the world.

The designation “children with special needs” is for children who may have challenges which are more severe than the typical child, and could possibly last a lifetime. These children will need extra support, and additional services.

Both parents and their children find various challenges, various degrees of hardship and difficulties. Among these challenges the common ones are learning and development, interactions within the family and with the wider population, recognition of emotions and dealing with them. Parents with children with special needs as well as "typical" children sometime struggle even more.

In this day and age, in our electronic world, one would think knowledge and access would be readily available and could be done at home, however we found that one of the biggest challenges is exactly that. Finding an interactive, educational games that BOTH their children can play, either together or alone. Having scoured the internet and App stores, read articles titled “the best Apps for Autism”, “best Apps for kids with special needs” I couldn’t seem to find an App that both my kids could play simultaneously whilst developing various skills on a differentiated level and having fun at the same time. I am talking about those skills that need to be worked on every day, fine motor, perceptual, emotional and communication skills.

Sarah, colleague of mine works at a special needs school. She told me about this fantastic App company that they use all the time, called “MyFirstApp”. She was raving about it and actually in her own words “MyFirstApp really focuses on children. No matter which app you choose, it is beautifully made and fun to play.”

Sarah stated it is mind blowing how child friendly and colourful the app was and a lot of care and thought went into its development. (

Any parent will feel perfectly comfortable letting their kids play knowing they are having fun while properly fostering their important developmental skills. What is truly lovely about this app is that although it is designed with special needs kids in mind, all kids enjoy the app equally.

I had to check it on my own and was amazed to see this actually helps dealing with many of the struggles mentioned above.
Now, there is a lot in their collection so I have narrowed it down to a few favourites
which we found have been the most useful and designed with differentiated educational needs in mind.

The first one that kids absolutely loved is “the therapy by sound” app
This is a collection of basic sounds with fun and exciting animations. It’s simple yet effective, all you do is click on the animal and it makes the sound, and helps develop vocabulary as well. Such a simple game gives children hours of entertainment and education

Another loved and popular one is “the matching game” - The name says it all…
You are given an object in the middle and you have to find the matching item on the screen – simple yet gives my sons hours of entertainment. This develops different skills and teaches about association and grouping – a skill that many children struggle to cultivate.

Then there is “the sorting game”
where kids have to sort and arrange items on the screen - whether it be on a bookshelf or a nursery. This app is specifically designed for developing visual perception and fine motor skills. Parents love this because their kids transferred what they were doing on the screen to real life and now are much better at putting away their toys and belongings.

Penultimately we absolutely love “the build it” app. Building blocks have always been an incredible toy for developing assorted skills. It has now been transferred onto an app and is great for developing visual perception and fine motor skills. The kids build things using the blocks/rings/materials provided. I truly think this is both of my sons all time favourite game - they spend hours and hours on it.

Finally, my favourite one is “the feelings therapy” app.

This is designed to help develop social - emotional learning, which I find especially useful for kids who do not always have the easiest time expressing their emotions.
The game includes 108 different scenarios depicting everyday social and emotional situations aim to teach feeling recognition and appropriate behavioural reactions to each situation.

This App is highly recommend to all parents and teachers as it is perfect for differentiated learning so my four year old and my two year old get equal amounts of appropriate stimulation.
You should experience this extraordinary App yourself.

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