Myers Motor Accessories Relaunches Locking Wheel Nut Key Bags Ideal For Dealerships and Garages

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Myers Motor Accessories is helping garages and dealerships overcome a common problem by providing a Locking Wheel Nut Key Bag.

Alloy wheels are expensive, and for that reason they must be fitted securely, using a unique wheel nut which requires a specific key to open. This locking wheel nut key is nevertheless small and easy to lose, and all too often this happens, with both customers and garages blaming one another for the loss. It costs garages and large dealer groups on average thousands of pounds every year to replace a lost locking wheel nut key. That’s why Myers Motor Accessories is now selling a Locking Wheel Nut Key Bag so garages can help clients keep their locking wheel nut keys safe.

Not only does a lost Locking Wheel Nut Key cost money but it also wastes customers and garages a lot of time. The Locking Wheel Nut Key Bag has helped save dealerships and customers time and money. A simple and cost effective solution, these bright fluorescent bags can be further personalised with the dealers name on to help build brand loyalty.

These bags are available now on Myers Motor Accessory website and are already being sold to car dealerships and garages all over the U.K. The feedback has been very positive customers appreciating the gesture that can save them time, hassle and money. Examples of the custom printing can be seen on the website together with detailed descriptions and clear pricing.

A spokesperson for explained, “The problem of lost locking wheel nut keys is small but pervasive, and costs the customer time and money with customers having to take their car into their local garage twice, and it costs the dealership having to replace the lost key. Prices to replace a locking wheel nut key can cost up to £100 a time. The bags are a small and affordable gesture for dealerships to make that can save them thousands a year, and help customers keep hold of this small but essential piece of equipment.”

About Myers Motor Accessories: Myers Motor Accessories has been a family business for over 30 years, supplying promotional accessories of all sides to the UK motor trade. Their goal is to assist clients in promoting brand loyalty through a range of low cost quality promotional products. They offer the most simple, fast and reliable service possible, without compromising the quality of products.

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