Myanmar Quest Partnering with Local Travel Services Ahead of Tourism Boom

World travelers angle to enjoy authentic, bespoke experiences in Myanmar before crowds of tourists arrive.

In 2019, Myanmar responded to a rebound in tourism by making major strides in encouraging growth to the travel sector.

Myanmar Quest is one agency meeting the needs of those with renewed interest in visiting Myanmar. They partner with Myanmar-based services, leveraging the cultural and geographical diversity of the country to tailor travel experiences.

Myanmar Travel Safety

In years prior tourism rates have suffered due to negative news coverage of unrest in the Southeast Asian country.

However, travelers are discovering that the majority of the 261,227 square-mile country is unburdened by conflict. Popular travel guides largely regard Myanmar as a safe country for visitors. Primary concerns include petty crime and awareness of certain local customs. Visitors who have traveled throughout Southeast Asia find that issues such as petty crime present less of a problem in Myanmar than other, more popular destinations.

Still, to assuage any reservations about visiting, tourists are consulting agencies that specialize in Myanmar travel. They quickly learn that restricted areas are never included in their travel packages. In fact, it is often illegal to travel to areas of conflict, making it impossible to arrange visits there.

Clearing up misconceptions about the safety of this area is important to agencies like Myanmar Quest. Rather than allow Myanmar’s global reputation and tourist economy to sink due to media perceptions, they wish to communicate that much of the area “remains refreshingly authentic in its culture and customs…travelers come to Myanmar to experience mystical ancient traditions and enchanting spiritual practices rather than the gentrified tourist sights you’ll find elsewhere in Southeast Asia.” 

Driving Tourism in Myanmar

The sheer size of Myanmar, coupled with its diverse population, draws guests from all over the world. In 2018 alone, more than 76,000 North Americans visited Myanmar.

Festivals are held each month in Myanmar. March is a particularly busy time for celebrations, with the Shwedagon Pagoda Festival in Yangon, the Novitiation ceremonies taking place throughout the country, and much more. If visitors can hold off until April, they get to experience the countrywide Thingyan Water Festival, a high-spirited, wet New Year’s celebration that can last up to five days.
Ecotourism is another massive draw for the country. Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are present throughout, with hiking tours from Inle Lake to Kalaw quickly becoming a go-to experience for travelers in the know. The infamous Ayeyarwady River, one of Myanmar’s most precious and beautiful resources, is a stopping point travelers never forget.

Many more are enjoying the lack of crowds in colorful Myanmar communities. There, they can enjoy the monuments, beaches, restaurants, shops, and more without the overwhelm that comes with visiting other destinations in the Southeast.

About Myanmar Quest

Myanmar Quest is committed to supporting the efforts of Myanmar’s Hotels and Tourism Ministry. In turn, this strengthens the economy supporting the people of Myanmar.

In partnership with the country’s most reputable travel services, the agency specializes in bespoke experiences. Working with Myanmar Quest, clients choose from existing packages or build their own tours around which destinations are most attractive to them.

It’s an appealing new frontier in Myanmar travel; discovering emerging destinations with experienced guides who cater to traveler preferences. Guests can build trips where hiking and wildlife watching is a primary focus, join in vibrant festivities with locals, or a bit of both.

No matter the experience, Myanmar Quest stresses that visitors should not hesitate, stating plainly, “Myanmar’s unrivaled authenticity has a limited shelf life…the best time to go is now.” More information about visiting Myanmar can be found in their new eBook.

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