My RCTopia Identifies the Top Gas- and Nitro-Powered RC Cars on the Market Today

New rankings display how much depth and excitement is to be found in this high-powered segment of the remote-controlled vehicle market, My RCTopia announces

My RCTopia, an Internet site covering a wide range of topics relating to remote-controlled vehicles, announced the release of a new list ranking the best gas- and nitro-powered RC cars on the market. After sorting through the full range of the most popular and best-selling such cars, the site's operators narrowed down the field of contenders to a short list that was given further scrutiny. Those efforts finally resulted in the crowning of the Redcat Racing Rampage XB Gas Buggy as the best product in this popular category, with the HPI Racing Trophy 3.5 Buggy RTR nitro car coming in a close second.

"When it comes to pure speed and exhilaration," My RCTopia representative John Donaldson said, "nothing in the hobby outperforms a gas- or nitro-powered remote-controlled car. The five that made their way onto our final list from the initial field of candidates all impressed us greatly with what they have to offer." The hobby of piloting remote-controlled vehicles of various types continues to grow in popularity, with advances in technology, affordability, and ease of use helping the pastime appeal to ever-wider audiences. In fact, the RC category is one of the fastest growing segments of the overall toy and amusement product sector, a development that has been noted in a variety of national and worldwide media outlets recently.

The gas- and nitro-powered RC cars that were recently highlighted by My RCTopia are some of the best-performing and most exciting remote-controlled vehicles of all. Utilizing small internal combustion engines to develop their power, some of them can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour in stock form. Additionally, many enthusiasts enjoy tuning and modifying their vehicles to obtain even more impressive performance, receiving assistance in their efforts from a large and growing industry of aftermarket parts suppliers.

In addition to vetting, reviewing, and ranking high-end products like the cars that were the subject of the recently released list, My RCtopia covers the entire range of other RC products. The company recently produced a similar ranking which awarded the title of best overall Remote ControL Boat to the 23” Balaenoptera Musculus Racing Boat, for example, and another that singled out the K-Marine Mini Mosquito Craft as an especially strong option for beginners. As more people become interested in the possibilities for aerial photography enabled by the hobby, articles like that chronicling the site's search for the best remote control Helicopter with Camera have also attracted great interest.

The newly released rankings of gas- and nitro-powered RC cars, along with a number of similar lists and the industry's widest assortment of in-depth reviews, are available at www.MYRCTopia.Com. My RCTopia also hosts a variety of guides aimed at helping beginners learn how to get involved with hobby, whatever their budgets, goals, and previous levels of experience.

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