My Practice Auto Pilot And Chris Ormiston Announce Latest Automation Software For Business

My Practice Auto Pilot, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based business automation company, has announced their latest efforts in automating workflow, e-mails, and various other communications methods utilized by companies across America. Chris Ormiston has made it clear that the main focus of the company is to educate and train clients through communication and time saving updates.

The company uses the Lan Automation Software to completely automate businesses who use the system, at a simple touch of a button. This simplicity is talked about by Chris Ormiston throughout the My Practice Autopilot website, which outlines services, current clients, features of the software, and a variety of customer testimonials from previous users. Brad Dominican of the Nello Law Group has said the following regarding the services of My Practice Auto Pilot:

"This is just what we needed. An easy and fast way to connect with our clients and get them trained and help them get their documentation ready without us having to contact them so often. We are saving almost 20 hours a week with this program!"

By using the Lan Automation Software, companies would be able to increase their revenue, save time, and also help in the management of customers and clients. Creating an account is simple, and can be completed in a minute or less. It is a tool that My Practice Autopilot is marketing primarily to law firms and provides the flexibility of personalized messages that can be sent through the system's automated communication tools. This means that voicemail, SMS messages, and e-mail messages can all be sent to the clients of the using firm or company. Gregory Spandril of Udall & Associates is another satisfied user of the system, and he has said so in this statement on the company website:

"My favorite part is the training videos. Our clients show up for their first appointment educated and prepared much better than I've ever seen. This saves everyone time and money, not to mention that the customers are much less anxious and have a better experience overall."

More information on the system and My Practice Autopilot can be found through the company website at, as well as their social media accounts, such as those found on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. They have encouraged interested users in contacting them through a simple input messaging method on the company website, and suggest that all interested parties sign up for an account from the same page.

Aside from testimonials, listed features, and a menu of services, My Practice Autopilot gives companies the ability to view sample screen shots of the software in use. This provides ample examples of how it may work to benefit a company and their clients without the need for a trial period.

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