My Bikini Belly Detailed Review Reveals 30 Second Ab Trick For A Flat, Firm Belly

My Bikini Belly, the new workout program from female fat loss expert Shawna Kaminski reveals a simple 30 second ab trick to get rid of stubborn belly fat for a flat and firm tummy

My Bikini Belly is a new workout program from female fat loss expert and trainer Shawna Kaminski that shows women how to remove stubborn belly fat. Her new workout program which has just been released reveals a “30 second ab trick” which switches off the "menopause molecule" in women that causes women to gain weight much faster, especially in the tummy, waist and thighs.

This gene is remained supressed until a woman turns 35 years old. This is why women tend to notice a increase in belly fat as they get older. Exercises and workouts which help to burn fat and shrink the waistline when younger no longer produce the same effect due to this “menopause molecule” that switches on. This is why woman 35 and older struggle to make progress and see results from on-going workout efforts.

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Shawna Kaminski, author of My Bikini Belly discovered that traditional exercises and workouts cause a direct increase in this molecule which produces more fat around the mid-section, love handles and thighs. This condition is known to the public as “Menopause Belly”.

“My Bikini Belly was created because mainstream fitness and nutrition experts are giving horrible advice to women everywhere. The experts claim that long, cardio workouts remove belly fat and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The program utilizes a special type of bodyweight movement that’s short, simple and removes belly fat so women can have a flat, firm belly without long boring workouts. Women who have damaged metabolism, hormonal imbalances or even overweight can apply these specific bodyweight movements”, reports Shawna Kaminski.

According to My Bikini Belly there are 3 triggers all women must avoid to develop a flat, firm, attractive midsection. The first trigger is exercising more because this increases the production of the hormone and causes metabolism to decrease which brings the body’s fat burning ability to a stop. The solution is shorter, more strategic movements. The second trigger is to avoid weighted side bends and if possible sit-ups and crunches. While sit-ups and crunches do work to some degree it can slow down progress for women who have the menopause molecule turned on. The third trigger is cardio workouts. These workouts for women 35 years and older cause inflammation within the thyroid and increase cortisol levels which cause additional fat storage.

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Women struggle to lose belly fat due to incorrect information, but the menopause molecule can be reversed with proper guidance. Shawna Kaminski struggled for most of her adult life with belly fat even though she spent hours in the gym. Through trial and error and lots of research she discovered these bodyweight movements which restore balance to the body. These movements can be done anywhere and only take a few minutes. Each movement within the sequence is only 30 seconds. Once the “menopause molecule” has been switched off the body can begin to release stored fat at a rapid rate.

Shawna Kaminski, author of My Bikini Belly calls these unique movements Metabolic Activation Training. These movements also work for women under 35 years of age, but women 35 and older will receive more consistent results due to how Metabolic Activation Training works with the body.

The My Bikini Belly program consist of follow-along workout videos, manuals and audio files. The program is easy to follow with step by step instructions and the workout videos make everything easy to follow along too.

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The My Bikini Belly program utilizes 3 types of workouts which work synergistically with each other. All of the workouts contain smaller movements which create the entire My Bikini Belly program. The first workout is called Bikini Belly Flush and contains a number of unique bodyweight movements which start to deactivate the menopause molecule. These movements burn low belly fat and start to increase metabolism. The second workout is called Bikini Belly Burn and this one starts to strip off additional belly fat and starts to firm the belly. The third workout which makes up My Bikini Belly is called Bikini Belly Blast. This one builds off the second workout and triggers a 24 hour metabolism surge.

This surge allows the body to burn fat throughout the entire day. My Bikini Belly comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so that women can try it out without any risk.

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