My Attraction Makeover Declares War On Hollywood Love: Secret To Attraction Lies Elsewhere

Radical new course provides simple, practical techniques to transform male attractiveness using a new program at odds with ‘poisonous’ Hollywood representations, claims Kyle Kelly.

Kyle Kelly of My Attraction Makeover is at war with Hollywood, claiming a generation of men have been raised with unrealistic expectations, both those that they place upon women and those they feel pressured by themselves. He subsequently undertook extensive research into the psychology of attraction and went through a great deal of live social experimentation ‘in the field’. From this research, he has distilled the seven secrets to dating success for men.

These seven secrets turn the conventional expectations of many men upside down, and have been collated into a practical, actionable course comprising of nine video tutorials taking just over an hour in total to view, but always available for repeat viewing as a reference point for guidance and to check progress. The course aims not to create ‘alphas’ or a cult prescribing magic ‘tricks’, but the keys to unlock an authentic, relatable and positive self that inspires attraction organically – not just to be more attractive to women but to also improve business, social and family relationships.

Kyle feels Hollywood’s ‘relationship propaganda’ has unhealthily skewed men’s expectations of romance in much the same way that porn has skewed their expectations of sex, turning it from a joyful shared experience to a form of exploitation. His seven secrets redress this balance and create a new paradigm of relating to women by valuing one’s own self without the need for either self-deprecation or ego-mania, both clear signs of insecurity.

Kyle Kelly, creator of the My Attraction Makeover program, explained, “The way Hollywood represents love and attraction is poisonous. It feeds us a lot of assumptions about love that hold no weight in reality - women are caricatured according to adolescent stereotypes to attract male viewers, and men’s actions in film and television are laughable in real life. For example, popular romance film, “The Notebook” starts with a guy threatening suicide if a girl doesn’t say yes to a date. In real life that gets you totally rejected, not to mention arrested. My program looks at guys through the real perspective of how our decisions and behaviours affect women, and tries to maximise the positivity of that effect through influencing the choices we as men make, while still being true to our best potential selves - the most attractive quality of all. I don’t make people put on an act or a gimmick like much of the current dating advice recommends.”

About My Attraction Makeover: My Attraction Makeover is an online video training program comprised of nine videos which reveal the seven secrets of human attraction for men seeking to find more success in their dating lives. The course was created by Kyle Kelly after years of practical research in the field.

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