My Apocalypse Survival Publishes New Review of The Best Bug Out Bags Available

My Apocalypse Survival has published a new and comprehensive guide to the best, most robust and valuable bug out bags available on the market for purchase in 2016.

The world is a more dangerous place than ever before, despite the developed world experiencing its longest period of relative peace in recorded history. This is because the danger faced by humanity in today’s world is more disparate and more random than ever before, with nation states being threatened by toxic ideologies and natural disasters increasing as a result of global warming. As a result, it is more important than ever for individuals to be prepared for the worst case scenarios. My Apocalypse Survival helps them do just that, and has just published a new review of the best bug out bags available for purchase.

The article focuses on pre-prepared bug out bags that include all the essentials required to get out of the urban centers for the 72 hours needed to avoid the worst of an immediate threat. These include food rations, tools and knives, tents and sleeping bags, and even luxuries like toiletries to maintain the health of the skin and teeth.
The article offers insights into the best bug out bags across several categories, including the best for budget, best value and ultimate bug out bags, which even include things like gas masks, enabling people to survive even the worst events they can imagine.

A spokesperson for My Apocalypse Survival explained, “We are providing this resource because we believe it is essential, and what’s more, we are supplementing this resource with an independent buying guide that gives people information on what they should expect from a bug out bag and what they should be ready to take with them in the event of a disaster striking. Some items are so simple they are easy to be overlooked, while some are so specialist they can be difficult to get hold of in a pinch, meaning preparedness is everything. That’s why we have published these reviews and a Bug out Bag Checklist, so people can get everything ready in good times, so they needn’t struggle in bad.”

About My Apocalypse Survival: My Apocalypse Survival is an online resource center for those interested in disaster preparedness. The website is regularly updated by a team of committed writers and researchers, and includes news, editorial insights and product reviews around the growing product milieu available.

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