Launches a Dog Training Awareness Campaign

Well-trained dogs are more than pets, as they become a member of the family and one that is well received wherever they go, announces Best Friend's Dog Training of Northern Virginia

When dogs undergo training, they tend to be happier simply because fewer restrictions are placed on them. In addition, trained dogs tend to receive more attention from family and friends, as humans know they can be counted on to behave. Sadly, according to, more than half of all dog owners fail to take their pet to a dog trainer virginia, and this hurts both the dog and the human. Best Friend's Dog Training of Northern Virginia ( offers the training humans and dogs need to have a long, happy life together.

"Pet owners who turn to our dog trainer arlington find the program is customized to meet the needs of their canine. From basic obedience to behavioral issues, we can help, and we offer in-home private lessons. Every dog needs training to truly become a member of the family, and we ensure this is the training they obtain," Frank Bonomo, founder of Best Friend's Dog Training of Northern Virginia, explains.

Training is an ongoing process, yet many owners fail to recognize this. They take their puppy in for training, believing this is all that is needed for a well behaved animal. Sadly, dogs may develop issues as they age or they may struggle from day one, failing to grasp certain behaviors that are desired from the pet owner.

"When an owner chooses to work with Best Friend's Dog Training, they find we offer one price for the life of your dog packages. Owners can bring their pets in for refresher lessons when needed or new issues arise. Our team of trainers remains available to ensure the dog is happy and well mannered at all times," Bonomo continues.

Some dogs appear to be untrainable, yet this truly isn't the case. Regardless if they are fearful or aggressive, they can learn manners and how to behave around humans. It may be the dog barks excessively or they may suffer from separation anxiety. Inappropriate elimination remains a problem with some dogs as they mature, and other canines tend to bite strangers, irrespective of the training and discipline they have received. Training addresses these and numerous other issues, based on the unique needs of the owner and the dog.

"Our mutt manners training can be of benefit to any animal. In fact, we have been contacted by dog owners and other trainers when a dog has been labeled untrainable. We've earned a reputation of being able to work with, train and rehabilitate animals that other trainers won't work with. Contact us today for free evaluations, private lessons, in home training, home based boarding and more," Bonomo declares.

About Best Friend's Dog Training of Northern Virginia:

Founded in 1999 by Frank Bonomo, Best Friend's Dog Training (BFDT) employs only those trainers who are willing and trained to understand, train and teach all major methods of dog training, including leash based, clicker and modern remote collar training. The company adapts and changes their training based on the most up to date information and owners find they receive the best, most personalized training currently available. Over the years, BFDT has trained more than 12,500 canines for families, law enforcement, hunting, therapy and more and the trainers work with those dogs other companies have been unable to handle.

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