Must-Listen Marketing Podcasts For Entrepreneurs List Posted has identified 12 must-listen marketing podcasts for entrepreneurs and posted the comprehensive list on their website. The podcasts provide information about how to start a blog and build a brand online. has prepared and posted a list of the top marketing podcasts for entrepreneurs. These podcasts cover a range of topics related to creating and presenting relevant podcasts about a business, product or service. The idea of incorporating podcasts into a strategic marketing plan is new to many business owners. Podcasting has been identified as the next evolution in content creation in the global marketing arena. It has been the subject of a wide-scale growth explosion and is growing in ease of use.

In the past few years, many marketing recommendations were based on how to start a blog and build the brand online. Now the same attention is being focused on how to create and display access to podcasts. Products such as iTunes have made podcasts available to a growing audience through mobile devices. Both major businesses and smaller firms can make use of the features and the ability to engage the audience easily.

A major benefit of podcasts over other types of content is that printed materials allow for simply reading a headline and a few words of the article, while podcasts require a longer engagement with the informational or promotional material. Well-prepared and engaging podcasts are interesting and capture the attention of the viewer. Listening to a podcast can easily be done in locations where reading would be more difficult.

The list of the top dozen marketing podcasts created and posted on are useful for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to expand their reach through methods and techniques that have staying power. The original list came from a Forbes article and was prepared by author John Rampton. The title and a few explanatory sentences are listed for each of the dozen podcasts. In addition, the blog post offers an infographic to further highlight the topics which are available.

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