Musicians Landing Offers No-Fee Music Sales, Helps Indie Artists Automate Busywork with Simple Web-Based App

Boston, MA / April 25, 2014 / Musicians Landing Inc. might just be the best deal out there for indie musicians looking for cost effective ways to sell their music and stay connected to their audience. The web-based application is not only a great resource for finding additional gigs, networking to new projects, and communicating with fans and supporters - it's also a platform to help with music sales at no charge to the artist. That's right: completely free of charge.

Founder Bob Sparks, a Boston-area native, came to the music business first as an observer. Watching a close friend work in music journalism and another in PR for indie musicians from 2004 onward, he gained an insider's perspective on an industry in flux. Witnessing all of the various responsibilities shift between label employees and indie publicists, many eventually landing on the artists themselves, Sparks saw a number of developing needs and a way to put his IT knowhow to good use.

“Initially, I wanted to create a platform where bands could sell or share their music online," he says. "I wanted the artists to set the price and have direct access to their hard-earned proceeds - simple enough. But once I got going, I realized that Musicians Landing™ could satisfy a lot of the administrative needs that indie bands now have to tackle in order to compete in today's market. I decided to create a one-stop automated music forum: a more comprehensive site-based app that'd allow artists to communicate with each other, create and send notifications automatically to their fans and supporters, blog, share bios, and search for other like-minded artists. Musicians Landing™ is about making the proverbial 'driver's seat' more comfortable and easier to maintain for people that need their time to concentrate on being creative.”

Sparks' vision for Musician's Landing (TM) has finally arrived and it's an extremely useful tool in the business of self-promotion. Performing tasks such as maintaining mailing lists and disseminating information to fans and colleagues has never been easier, nor less time consuming. Musician's Landing™ offers a free, web-based application that requires users to create a profile and upload their mailing lists - the system takes care of the rest. Anytime a change is made to a profile, an update can be sent out. Changes to blog entries, new music uploads, and announcements about upcoming performances will be handled by an automated service, notifying fans of the relevant information.

Additionally, the site provides a platform for musicians to sell their music directly. Songs can be posted for streaming-only, free downloads, or for a fee set by the musician. Regardless, Musician's Landing™ does not charge a fee for transactions. The site is designed for the artist to manage their own account.

Musician's Landing™ has taken a pro-active approach to Help Wanted postings, sending out notifications to other members based on certain criteria, thus increasing the likelihood of getting positions filled even in the event of last minute emergencies. Similarly, booking requests are made simpler with the 'booking request button' - a feature of every profile page - which then asks for some additional details and then relays the information to the artist(s). And this is just the beginning; over time, Musician's Landing™ plans on adding more functionality, enabling musicians to devote their time to composing music and being creative... independently.

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