Musician Charles Moorer Recounts Personal Hardships, Importance of Faith in New Book

Book signing to be held during benefit concert for Indiana Make-A-Wish Foundation

Featuring raw and honest accounts of personal hardships, an Indianapolis author hopes the release of his new book will help others find the light at the end of their own tunnels.

Pain, uncertainty and confusion are all normal feelings when times are tough. But when difficult situations continue for an extended period of time, faith can take a severe blow. It becomes easier to question ones faith when a string of bad luck never seems to end or when the right choices turn out to be wrong.

When there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, it can become even easier to stop believing.

Fortunately, difficult situations can be overcome bringing strength and a new lease on life, and more importantly, faith can be restored.

In Giving Up Is Not an Option, author Charles Moorer shares his family’s inspirational story of how, even on the verge of losing everything, they kept their faith and pushed through the difficult circumstances in their life.

“My hope is that readers will be inspired, and encouraged to stand firm through the storms that life may unexpectedly bring their way realizing there is still comfort in holding onto their faith in our heavenly father,” Moorer said.

Giving Up Is Not an Option is currently available at retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and through Moorer’s website,

Moorer is a dedicated father, husband, pastor, musician and leadership mentor currently based in Indianapolis. Together with his band The Faithful Few, he works diligently and faithfully to inspire people from all walks of life to live with purpose, love and the peace of Christ.

A book signing is planned in early 2017 during a benefit concert for the Indiana Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Moorer and his family received support from the Indiana Make-A-Wish Foundation when his then 16-year-old son Chadwin was battling renal sickle cell carcinoma, a form of cancer that gave him a 10 percent survival rate.

The wish the Foundation provided turned into a celebration of life when Chadwin was miraculously healed. A few years later, Moorer himself was healed of cancer.

“My goal is to use a portion of the proceeds to assist the Indiana Make-A-Wish Foundation with their goal of continuing to be a blessing to children and their families during the trying times they are facing,” Moorer said. “I am very thankful, grateful and humbled to use what talent and skills my heavenly father has given me to assist them.”

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