MusicDigi Integrates With Shiri To Bring Israeli Musicians To A Worldwide Stage

MusicDigi and Shiri have integrated to bring greater opportunity to musicians in Israel hoping to discover a global stage through sharing music online.

In a new bid to open the links between artists and listeners in Israel with the rest of the world, independent music distributor MusicDigi has launched a new partnership with Shiri – The Israeli music app. Now, artists and labels in Israel and worldwide are able to launch and distribute their audio content onto the Shiri Streaming service through the MusicDigi platform and get paid for their music streams.

Opening the Israeli music scene to all Shiri – The Israeli music app is a still-new streaming platform, designed to offer an efficient, convenient alternative to other streaming platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music. As such, Shiri allows listeners to skip tracks freely, to listen to music without ads, and to explore playlists cultivating tracks from a wide range of genres and artists.

"Less than two months from launch, Shiri is already responsible for millions of streams and has been established as a real oxygen boost to the already vibrant Israeli music industry," said Ariel Horovitz, founder and CEO of Shiri. “Goodluck to us!"

Prior to the new partnership with MusicDigi, all content uploaded to Shiri was done solely through the National Library of Israel. However, in a bid to better represent the breadth of musical culture, Israeli artists and labels can now upload to Shiri directly through the MusicDigi platform.

Bringing Israeli music to the world stage, MusicDigi is one of the world’s largest music distributors. Their national launch and partnership with Shiri brings with it a whole host of new distribution channels and services to Israeli users. MusicDigi clients will be able to select Shiri as a digital streaming platform when uploading their releases amongst a host of other options. This new partnership is intended to play a significant role in breaking new artists from the region on a global scale, as well as enabling international artists to unleash the potential that lies in the market of Israeli audiences.

“We are thrilled to be launching into Israel – a country that is at the very forefront of technological innovation,” said William Alfred, founder & CEO of MusicDigi. “By offering local artists a global stage from which to distribute and promote their music, and with streaming penetration predicted to increase from 1.5% to between 6-9% in the next two years, there is a huge opportunity for MusicDigi to contribute to this growth.”

A new world for Israeli artists and labels This new relationship between MusicDigi and Shiri offers a new opportunity for discovery, monetization, and distribution to artists and labels in Israel, connecting audiences and creators across the globe.

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