Music Lyceum Launches New Piano Education Method

The company’s innovative new approach teaches piano without sheet music, opening music education to new audiences.

Music Lyceum – the world’s first and only piano tablature learning system – launches today as the first company to offer a patented alternative to traditional piano sheet music.

The company intends to disrupt the online piano instruction, digital and sheet music industries by introducing an entirely new teaching method and notational system poised for worldwide adoption. Through Music Lyceum’s piano tablature – a system of notation that clearly shows the player where to place their fingers upon the instrument – students are able to learn their song of choice using a color-coded system that clearly indicates which note to play, exactly where to play it, and with which hand and finger to play each note.

“Traditional piano sheet music can be seen as an overwhelming language that is very difficult to understand and acts as a barrier to the learning process,” says Sean Campbell, founder of Music Lyceum. “Music Lyceum is the place aspiring piano players will come to turn their dreams into a reality. People are comfortable with colors, letters and numbers, and by incorporating these elements into their notation, Music Lyceum makes students feel comfortable and far less discouraged while learning to play the piano.”

Music Lyceum allows students to rapidly ascend the learning curve and play intricate music at a pace that was previously reserved for lifelong students and virtuosos. Through this patented piano tab, people who have never before touched a piano are able to play beautiful music within thirty minutes.

Campbell’s model enters the online education territory of brands like Duolingo or Coursera that saw incredible growth during the pandemic.

“People explored new hobbies and new ways to learn during the pandemic,” Campbell said. “Music has always been a tool for wellness, learning, engagement and more and now, we’ve made it easy for people to continue to explore this skill.”

By visiting the Music Lyceum website, anyone can learn one song and all the basic skills to playing the piano within thirty minutes. Additional learning modules of beloved songs are available by monthly enrollment ($5.99/month), annual enrollment ($59.99/year) or individual piano tabs ($3.99/tab). Lessons can be downloaded and printed if users wish to learn completely free of electronic devices.

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About Us: Music Lyceum’s patented system of notating music makes learning easy and enjoyable for students of all ages. Both adults and children are awakening their talent and creativity using this simplified approach that is immediately enjoyable and easy to understand. Music Lyceum, founded and created by Sean Campbell, guarantees a quick journey to great playing and musical understanding. What once took years, now takes days.

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