Muscle Research has created a New Pre-Workout

Muscle Research has reached out to offer a new pre-workout to the general public

Today, Muscle Research, the producers of cutting edge products at wholesale prices has introduced their pre-workout supplement called Pump Juice Extreme. While Muscle Research offers a large amount of supplements, they labeled Pump Juice Extreme the top pre-workout supplement of 2014. Muscle Research took a large amount of time conducting research before creating this product. They listened to what their customers asked for with this type of pre-workout supplement and made a supplement superior to everything currently on the market.

Pump Juice will push people through even their toughest workouts. It delivers energy and extreme focus throughout the entire workout. It is meant to fill the hole where those other pre-workouts leave off. For the longest time, C-4 was labeled the top, but since it has been re-formulated, it doesn’t offer the same amount of energy as it once did. A large majority of the pre-workouts on the market, including products by BSN N.O.-Xplode, and Jym Pre Jym require the consumer to consume multiple scoops just to get the dose they need – this is not how Pump Juice Extreme works. With Pump Juice Extreme, the individual only needs to consume one scoop.

Here’s a close look at the ingredients that are in Pump Juice:

  • Niacin – Improves Blood Flow and Vascularity

  • Crea-Trona® – Regulated Muscle pH Balance

  • Beta – Alanine – Promoted Power, Muscle Mass and Pumps

  • Beat Root – Improves Vascularity.

  • Infinergy™ – Provides Focus, Energy and Thermogenesis

  • AgmaPure® – Stores Water and Glycogen in Muscles

This Pre-Workout Supplement

  • May Improve Energy and Concentration

  • May increase Blood Flow

  • May Improve Overall Muscle Mass

  • May Reduce Recovery Time and Fatigue

  • May Improve Performance, Stamina and Endurance

  • May Improve Libido

  • May Boost Immune System Function

  • May Offer the Best Pre-Workout

  • May be the Strongest Pre-Workout on the Market

This product comes in an amazing cherry berry explosion flavor. It mixes well, tastes great and there is no disgusting aftertaste like some of the other supplements on the market.

There’s a total of thirty servings in a bottle and with the price at $29.99, which comes to under $1.00 per serving. When ordering Pump Juice directly from the site, consumers will receive free shipping.

About Muscle Research: Muscle Research prides themselves on offering cutting edge and unique supplements at market leading prices. Their customer service is renowned for being the most responsive in the industry.

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