"Multistore Builder" Helps Marketer Build Stores From 7 Leading Networks Simultaneously

Building store in the past usually time-consuming and hard working. Store builder without any tools has to deal with tons of problems. Fortunately, all of these problems could be put aside with a brand new software called Multistore Builder.

In the past, creating store used to be difficult. Dealing with things such as wasting time trying to find worthwhile products to promote, trying to get the traffic to the store, wasting hours looking for affiliate products, dealing with limiting affiliate site builder software, putting up affiliate products that don't update to the correct pricing on the actual sales page were very common. All of these could easily take days, or even weeks, just to get a single store online. Even so, builder still need to write content, learn SEO, and manually update everything. For all of these struggling came the birth of a brand new software called Multistore Builder.

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Different from other store builders, Multistore Builder Soft is the earliest ever WordPress store builder to integrate seven leading affiliate networks such as Amazon, Aliexpress, BestBuy,Walmart, Ebay, Shopify and Envato. MultiStore Builder enables its user to immediately complete their store with thousands of unique, in-demand products from seven top affiliate networks simultaneously.

Which means users’ visitors would have more choices, users have more keyword rich web pages in Google. Plus, users will beat other affiliate competition with more products on offer and more visibility in Google. Users will be a real niche authority which means more trusting visitors and even more sales. With a couple of clicks, users can create their army of fully customizable e-commerce affiliate stores that packed with hundreds of products customers need, ready to start making money.

MultiStore Builder Software is packed with many customization tools for all of users’ situation such as:

• Innovative shortcode integration - simply insert the shortcode into the post and leave the plugin do all the work. User can display storefronts such as a collection of affiliate products from any network into post or pages. Users are free to select to display only a search bar, the multi-store front or a single store product with the shortcode.
• Choose the order that the products appear in the store - ideal for advertising higher payout offers or best-sellers.
• Display featured products that show up first in user's store fronts, another great way to highlight products that pay bigger commissions and that are already well-known online.
• Products per page - choose how many products per page user desire to display on each page of the store
• Detailed product stats - immediately discover the hottest selling products for the store

Here is what users can do with MultiStore Builder to turn visitors into buyers:

• Built-in social proof - importing review for any product and capability for users to create their testimonial or comment on users site.
• Auto pricing updates for all products - Users' pricing conveniently updates when the vendor alters their cost on Amazon, Aliexpress, Best Buy, Walmart, Shopify and Evanto
• Show discounts - instantly highlight products that are available at that time for a discount on the affiliate networks
• Choose any country - visitors can select their preferred Amazon and eBay place they want to buy products from
• Build super-niched stores - by importing particular products users choose from only one network like Amazon
• Build an authority store – This feature can import products from seven major affiliate networks at the same time.
• Display product explanations and real customer reviews on autopilot - fill users' store with real content that converts visitors into buyer customer.

In contrast to other store builders, MultiStore Builder is hosted on users' servers and WordPress installation. Meaning no massive monthly charges and total control over users' store forever.

Concerned reader may find more detailed information in Multistore Builder Review and Demo.

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