Multi-use Path in Peachtree Creek Greenway Opens for Active and Dynamic Residents

Walking, Running, and Biking Path Officially Opens After Years of Planning and Construction

Brookhaven officials cut the ribbon Thursday for the grand opening of the first mile of the multi-use footpath that stretches between trees along the North Fork Peachtree Creek. Supporters of this initiative hope that it will eventually extend to 12 miles along I-85 to the Atlanta Beltline.

The event was attended by 200 residents and officials. Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst said that people in the neighborhood have called it a miracle mile: "People thought it would be a miracle to get this thing done."

With this new multi-use path, residents can live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Betsy Eggers, the founder of the Peachtree Creek Greenway non-profit, said, "People who live, work, or want to play along the I-85 corridor can now get on a bike (or) go for a walk to get where they need to go."

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