Multi-Collagen Protein Powder Highly Recommended by User for Joint Pain

Amazon users are highly impressed with VitaRaw’s multi-collagen protein powder for joint pain effectiveness. The brand’s supplement is formulated with a five-phase collage complex and BioPerine to maximize absorption into the body.

VitaRaw is leading the industry in effective multi collagen protein powder supplements. The brand is committed to providing a premium product, formulated with non-GMO ingredients and processed in a state-of-the-art facility. Amazon users have been happily sharing the excellent results they are experiencing from collagen for joints.

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The company shares that its multi collagen protein supplement contains a premium grade blend of 100% hydrolyzed collagen peptides. “Created with all five types of collagen (I, II, III, V and X) sourced from bovine collagen, bovine bone broth, marine collagen, chicken bone broth and eggshell membrane, you can be sure all of your body’s collagen needs are covered,” explains the company’s senior spokesperson.

The complete five-phase collagen complex, as described by the company, is as follows:

Type I plays a role in strengthening hair, nails and bones, supports muscles and joints and improves skin hydration and elasticity.

Type II contributes to strengthening and fortifying vital joints and ligaments crucial for bone density and flexibility.

Type III supports skin health and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Type V promotes healthy hair, skin and nails and maximizes the effectiveness of other collagen types.

Type X is optimal for the development of healthy cartilage and supports bone and joint formation.

Multi collagen protein contains BioPerine, the trademarked name for Piperine (Black pepper extract). BioPerine has been utilized for its properties as a bioavailability enhancer, which is defined as substances that increase the bioavailability and bioefficacy of active substances with which they are combined without having any activity of their own at the dose used. “You can’t benefit from collagen if it isn’t being absorbed. We added BioPerine for its ability to increase the absorption of nutritional compounds, allowing our supplement to have its desired effect,” the brand comments.

VitaRaw’s multi collagen powder supplement has been highly praised for its effectiveness by Amazon consumers. One reviewer was excited to share their positive experience with the product, “I’m not the type that takes time to write reviews unless it’s a phenomenal product. I am shocked that this product has made such a huge difference in my health. I took up running/jogging about four months ago, and right from the very start, I got really bad runners’ knees. It was very painful and irritating, and it never went away for a whole four months! Nothing was working. Taking pills especially made for running didn’t do anything. It honestly made me a bit depressed. Feeling like maybe running just wasn’t for me. I asked Facebook friends and family if they had ever had a similar problem and, if so, what they did to fix it.

“My great uncle is not a runner but experiences knee pain and told me he takes collagen. I started reading about collagen and read all the areas that collagen is supposed to help with, and honestly, they were all areas that I tend to have issues in, like my skin, hair falling out, joints, muscles, etc. Collagen is essential for health and covers so many areas of our body. I took this collagen for about a week. Suddenly, I had walked down some stairs and realized that I didn’t feel pain in my knees! Walking down the stairs was always very painful, and suddenly, I didn’t feel that pain for the first time in 4 months!

“I am seriously overjoyed over this. It is extremely obvious that it’s making a difference in my health, and I think I need to take collagen for the rest of my life. I also have a disease that has ended up, causing me to lose a lot of hair and even eyebrows and eyelashes. I think the collagen is helping with the hair loss, though it may still be too soon to tell with that one. Even if it doesn’t help with anything else, it’s so worth it if it just helps with my knee pain!”

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