MTCore Launches A Hybrid Stablecoin

MTCore is hybrid stable coin with real value: pegged against gold and held in certified custodial bank deposits. The value of MTCore is based on user influence through voting system where the digital currency enjoys financial stability and economic freedom.

By creating a form of Hybrid Stablecoin linked directly to gold, MTCore can assure investors that not only their digital currency has pure economic value, but that any future investment in real estate projects remains viable in the long term.

MTCore is a hybrid stable coin with real physical value: pegged against gold and held in certified custodial bank deposits. The value of MTCore is therefore, based on user influence through democratic voting system where the digital currency enjoys financial stability and economic freedom based on market trading and investment.

MTCore Digital Coin Benefits:
- Hybrid currency, a stable coin with a sustained valuation in the real economy;
- Real value alignment, physically deposited and 100% net;
- The currency is prepared to be used as a payment method;
- Secure architecture - no need to keep the coins offline to protect you from attacks;
- Currency without transaction fees.

MTCore operated and further supported by a financial investment equity portfolio to maintain real worth and financial growth.

To ensure absolute fairness in coin value, MTCore as a company does not hold any reserves and therefore cannot manipulate price or create any form of pump and dump or lobbying among users to create sharp price increase or devaluation.

The most innovative use of mining through software using a democratic system means that everyone utilising the MTCore has the same advantages and user protection.

A system that has the Same Benefits for Everyone
The system is democratic and there is no added bonus or incentive whether a user is a Team Member, Client or Developer/Creator.

MTCore Financial Market Intervention
In order to bring more users into the crypto financial market and give them not only the protection they deserve we have also developed a democratic system which gives the customer full control of their money. By using a democratic voting system, users benefit from a fairer method of investment into other businesses, for example real estate development.

“We have applied the best practices from the traditional financial ecosystem, such as client personal security and account audit and coupled these with a democratic decentralised blockchain using better software technology.”

MTCore revolutionary concept - Bideration
MTCore is introducing the Bideration process to replace the current mining model. In the Bideration process, hardware is replaced for software and energy for BIDs. In this way, MTCore presents an ecological and sustainable alternative that will revolutionize the market.

The concept of Bideration is a process accessible to all that consists of the acquisition of MTCore through an innovative algorithm. The MTCore distribution and acquisition process is done through software available in the MTCore wallet and BIDs that will give access to the coins. The bideration process is based on the distribution and attribution of value to the currency. The sale of BIDs contributes 80% to the exchange value of the currency.

The focus is to replace:
The unsustainable by sustainable
Speculation by the real economy
The investment asset by utility
Manipulation for democracy
The Lobbies for Equality

Choose the hybrid and democratic cryptocurrency. Start investing now!

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