MT13 Launches Campaign To Increase Awareness Of Acai Berry Benefits For Weight Loss

MT13 explains the effectiveness of pure acai among a sea of fruitless products.

Statistics from the health care field indicate there are currently more than 1.5 billion overweight individuals throughout world, creating a weight loss program industry in the $60 billion dollar range in the United States alone. The number of programs available is constantly increasing; as a result, the amount of confusion over which of these actually work also continues to grow. In light of these figures, Bjorn Nielson of mt13 has launched a campaign to increase awareness of the power of acai berry in the fight against weight gain.

Explained Nielson, "So many of the programs and supplements on the market claim to provide astonishing results, giving a false sense of hope. Some individuals spend hundreds of dollars on one system with the hope of receiving the jump start they need to begin losing weight. When these programs fail to provide results, they leave the user disheartened, sending them on a search for the next false promise. This is where acai berry steps in."

Nielsen mentioned consumers must be careful with this type of supplement as well, noting a number of acai products are currently found on store shelves, but in order to be effective, the product must consist of 100 percent pure organic acai berry. Through, testimonials regarding the effectiveness of the right type of acai supplement can be found.
Studies indicate the top causes for weight gain are improper portion control and lack of exercise. While many programs claim to help burn fat, few address the root issues preventing successful weight loss. Acai berry seems to help eliminate toxins from the body, so those taking this type of supplement often feel less bloated shortly after beginning a regimen, providing an almost instantaneous perception of weight loss.

Many who have tried the acai berry diet plan attest to a highly noticeable increase in energy. This helps provide the stamina needed to become more active, leading to more calories burned each day. Additionally, the plan has been acclaimed for decreasing cravings and suppressing the appetite, helping to reduce caloric intake.

Aside from these attributes, acai berry in its purest form has been found to provide antioxidants, which help fight free radicals. These harmful agents have been linked to cancer as well as numerous other illnesses. Hydration properties have also been found, allowing for healthy looking skin and optimum organ function.

Nielson concluded, "This organic, 100 percent pure supplement can not be found in supermarkets and pharmacies, but it is available at In addition to providing decreased appetite, the energy needed to exercise properly and the boost in metabolism to effectively burn fat and create lean muscle tissue, acai improves immunity and eliminates harmful substances from the body. This supplement helps boost weight loss efforts and can bring about the lifestyle changes needed to maintain a healthy physique."

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