MR VU Fans Provides Information On Various Kinds Of Ceiling Fans

MR VU fans enlighten with the variety of ceiling fans based on its features, designs, etc.

MR VU is a Taiwanese ceiling fans providing company that offers fans with premium looking design, technically advanced features, high-speed wind at an affordable price. A company representative says that different kinds of ceiling fans are made in Taiwan and are then exported to the Vietnamese market. They a variety of ceiling fans, but one of the most famous is Villa 72 ceiling fan. This premium looking ceiling fan comes with 5 wings that are made up of monolithic wood. Being highly aesthetic and luxurious looking, this ceiling fans comes at a reasonable price of 32,680,000 Vietnamese Dong. With this, the buyer will also get 10 years warranty period, 2 times maintenance service per year, and installation by experienced professionals. All of this comes free with Villa 72 ceiling fan.

A representative from the company further talks about the ceiling fans that are based on the design and features of tulip flowers. Fiore ceiling fans consist of 8 wings, which looks exactly like a tulip flower when turned off. When it is turned on, Fiore ceiling fan’s wings unfold like a blooming flower. The design of this ceiling fan makes it popular among people as it can go perfectly with the living room. There are several other ceiling fans like Eagle 60 LED, Legend, Solo Bzone, FINO, Casa, and much more. Click here to know more

About the Company:
MR VU Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese company that has gained respect in the market of ceiling fans. There most popular MR VU ceiling fans are exclusively distributed in the Vietnamese market. It is because of the popularity of these ceiling fans, MR VU is also leading the Vietnamese ceiling fan market. They have a team of the best and experienced professionals whose main is to provide premium looking, technically advanced, and affordable ceiling fans. Vietnam is a hot country and that is why fast and premium looking ceiling fans from MR VU are popular in the country. MR VU ceiling fans are different in design, style, motor quality, and much more. One can’t find these things in Chinese decorative, American, European ceiling fan models. MR VU ceiling fans come with an aluminum motor that absorbs heat efficiently, and highly durable. These ceiling fans also produce high wind speed that is suitable for the hot environment of Vietnam. Getting a ceiling fan with minimum noise at an affordable price is something that not all ceiling fan providers in Vietnam offers. The main goal of MR VU is to provide consumers with the best possible ceiling fans through their in-depth understanding and experience about the ceiling fan market.

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