Movie TV Tech Geeks News Editors Ignite Conversation with Writers on Bruce Jenner and Transgender Community

Following an intimate look into gender identity and its impact on the Kardashian family, editors behind Movie TV Tech Geeks News decided to challenge three of their own writers to cover the ‘Special Episodes’ unlike any other media outlet.

Following an intimate look into gender identity and its impact on the Kardashian family, editors behind Movie TV Tech Geeks News decided to challenge three of their own writers to cover the ‘Special Episodes’ unlike any other media outlet.

After being inspired by the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ two part episode “About Bruce,” which covered Bruce Jenner’s opening up to his family about transitioning into a woman, along with his gender identity struggle he’s faced for over 60 years. The editors at Movie TV Tech Geeks News announced they will be challenging three of their writers to discuss the topic unlike anyone before.

“I’m personally not a fan of the show, but after watching the two episodes, I was blown away at how well they handled the subject matter,” comments William Johnson, who is the Editor-in-Chief for the website. “For a family that is so exploitative, this is a rare moment. They handled something that could have been exploited horribly with an amazing amount of sensitivity and realness. Rather than painting the family being all supportive and sugary, they showed the world a real family hit with something extremely sensitive and fragile. I truly feel that they deserve an Emmy for this as it’s something that families should watch to have a better understanding of what transgender people go through along with clearing up so much of people’s fears and misconceptions. This is what inspired me to have my writer's take on this project.”

Johnson chose three different writers from the site's own staff, who were not prior fans of the Kardashian show. Each writer will be presenting their own preconceptions about the transgender community, which the editors hope will spark an awareness and growing impact on people to talk about their own prejudices in an honest and open way.

Their first writer is a “very southern good-ole boy”, who covers football and MMA on the website. The second, a young African American woman, who was raised as a Christian liberal and writes for their movie section, and the third is another African American woman who has her own prejudices and preconceived notions about this issue.

The only common denominator the three share is their dislike of the Kardashian family and the show as a whole. For this project, they were all tasked with watching each of the two part episodes. From there, they were directed to write a full article sharing their honest opinions about their preconceptions both about the Kardashian family and the transgender community.

Johnson goes onto state, “Since these three writers are reflective of most of America, I felt that by having them write honestly about their own prejudices on this subject with their reactions to the two episodes, our readers could see if this opened their eyes more, changed their opinion, or had no affect at all. The more brutally honest our writers make their stories, the more reach they can have as most people will find themselves relating to their experiences.”

Each writer will be creating two articles (covering each episode) which the company will be publishing throughout the week on Movie TV Tech Geeks News. As a website known for its in-depth and often controversial articles, the editors are hoping that they can open a few eyes that may have been closed and prejudiced on the transgender community prior to Jenner’s now infamous transgender interview and media coverage.

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