Movie Star Julian Cheah Who Acts As A Spy In The Movie “Killmaster” Wants To Penetrate His Way Into The Movie Industry In The U.S.

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Movie actor-producer-director Julian Cheah has tried applying to become an actor but has found himself ignored and sidelined in many ways in the movie industry which he thinks is hardened, inhibited, coldhearted in moneymaking, and unsusceptible. However, his tenacious and unflinching attitude makes him push the limits of achieving a name and a place in the business. In line with his iron-willed determination, he has proceeded to finance, produce, direct, and act in a new spy movie called “Killmaster” which he hopes to launch soon. “You don’t wait for people to give you something because it will never happen. Fame and fortune may happen to 0.1% of people trying, while 99.9% never make it. I have never been lucky. You create your own luck. This industry tests you and pushes your morale to the ground, but one can keep on hitting and I am not going out without a good fight”, he says.

The movie has finished filming in the beautiful and glamourous island of Ibiza in Spain and in partly in Asia, and even the final cut process is done in post-production and will be totally completed by the end of April. Through an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles who has agreed to represent the film to present to movie distributors and video streaming websites, they hope for a sale and launch release date of the movie later this year.

Cheah remarked, “For those who have seen clips of the film “Killmaster”, it seems very positive to them and very promising for us. It is an action movie which is beautiful and glamorous. You will like it. I have given every ounce of effort I’ve got into it, now we just have to hope that the world warms up to the movie and to me.”

An official trailer of “Killmaster” has been created and just uploaded on to YouTube. Click on to the link below to watch it :- 

When the film is finally launched, whether on video streaming or a theatrical release, an announcement will be made in the near future.

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