Mountain Top Clinic Announces Addition of Six New Rooms with a View

Six new rooms have been added to in Southern India all featuring amazing panoramic views

Mountain Top Clinic is proud to announce the addition of six new rooms to the facility located in Southern India. Each of the new rooms features panoramic views of the surrounding mountain landscape. Known as a premier Ayurvedic destination for visitors from around the world, the addition of space provides more accommodation options for guests.

“With our new rooms, we require a minimum seven-day stay,” stated Dr. Sundara Raman, founder and director of the resort. “All of our accommodation packages include three Ayurvedic meals daily and all the panchakarma treatments recommended by your Ayurvedic physician.”

People from the eastern and western world are becoming more aware of the benefits offered by Ayurveda treatments. In 2016, there were approximately 30 million people who traveled to India to seek these treatments. Known as the “science of life” support for the actual benefits of the treatments varies in the scientific community. However, with 35 percent of individuals being repeat customers to, many believe the treatments work.

Dr. Raman continued, “Our facility is set in the ancient tribal lands of the Nilgiris Mountain range and considered the premier destination for rejuvenation, detoxification, and Ayurvedic healing. When you visit us, it will feel as though you are entering another world, which is the perfect time to relax and allow your body to rejuvenate.”

A huge appeal for many Americans seeking Ayurveda treatment in India is the cost. In the U.S. spas charge up to $100 per hour, but in India, the costs are much more affordable ranging between $90 and $120 per day. Also, the availability of natural herbs needed for the treatments is greater, which helps drive the costs down further.

Mountain Top Clinic is government approved and has the licensing and certification needed to provide the offered treatments.


Mountain Top Clinic is considered a premier Ayurveda resort in India. The facility offers Ayurvedic retreats for any traveler who wants to detox while experiencing rejuvenation and wellness during their visit. Found nestled in the historic mountain landscape in Southern India, this clinic offers the ideal environment for relaxation and natural healing. The staff here are qualified and trained Ayurvedic technicians who are skilled at administering panchakarma treatments one to two times daily. In between these treatments, guests at the clinic have the opportunity to enjoy a wide array of activities, including cultural activities, nature walks, music therapy and yoga.

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