Motherhood Life Balance Offers Parents Resources For Growth And Future Planning

Motherhood Life Balance, a blog focused on helping mothers pursue their dreams even during parenthood, has been expanding their resources in several recent blogs. These resources are designed to help mothers focus on their life goals and make it possible to pursue them.

Many mothers struggle with what is known as “parenthood guilt”; that is, they feel guilty if they continue to pursue their life goals after parenthood. They assume that their life is parenthood, and that their purpose is to help their children succeed. As a result, many mothers feel burned out, and some may even feel resentful because they felt they were unable to pursue their own goals.

Blogger Victoria Connell; the founder and main writer at the Motherhood Life Balance blog, is one mother who is looking to help parents realize that it’s not a one-or-the-other situation. She wants parents to know that they can pursue their life goals and raise a family effectively, and understands that new parents may need resources in order to be able to do so.

Connell’s primary approach to helping parents with this balance is by helping them focus on a Growth Mindset. According to one of Connell’s most recent blogs, “A growth mindset means that there is an understanding that something can be learned and expanded upon. People who have a growth mindset accept that there can always be something to understand and improve on. It’s said that people who have a growth mindset are happier and more successful because they live life learning and trying to improve on skills.”

Recently, Connell added another resource to the Motherhood Life Balance website – a blog explaining the now-popular idea of a Vision Board. The blog dives into vision boards and how they are able to help people as they explore their life and what they believe they want it to be. Many times, these vision boards include a number of words, pictures, and ideas that can help people to stay focused.

Connell believes that this approach to balancing parenthood and future self-growth is both healthy and essential. She is a mother of three who works full-time, and the blog has been her way of sharing what she’s learned as she navigates this difficult balance in her own life.

Connell plans to continue expanding the resources available on the Motherhood Life Balance blog, including more resources on other topics related to visioning and future planning. Those interested in her future endeavors can learn more at the Motherhood Life Balance website,

Motherhood Life Balance, founded by mom of three Victoria Connell, is a blog focused on helping parents to ditch parenting guilt and continue to work toward a growth mindset. Filled with resources, Motherhood Life Balance provides tips and resources that help parents to make practical goals for their life alongside of parenthood – and achieve them. More information about Motherhood Life Balance can be found at their website,

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