Mother Daughter ISH Duo: Is Hosting an Event for Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

The Texas Mother-Daughter ISH podcast duo shares their success to aspiring entrepreneurs in Costa Mesa, California on October 23rd, 2021.

This Texas Mother-Daughter Duo is bridging gaps and making connections globally, through their growing community of over 1 million women. Dawn D. Fobbs, an entrepreneur with decades of experience helping women develop their businesses, and her daughter Aungelique P’AJE’ Roberts, a communication advocate for women make up the powerhouse team known as Mother Daughter ISH. They have taken the podcast community by storm and are now branching out into the world of YouTube as well as live events, the first being in Costa Mesa, California on October 23rd. The event will target aspiring podcasters and women with aspirations of launching their own business. The Mother Daughter ISH™ team will be giving away one of their books titled “100 Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Business.”

What Mother Daughter ISH Is All About
This incredible mother-daughter duo is authentic, real, and doesn’t shy away from deep diving into the struggles and successes of their partnership, while still being wildly fun and entertaining. They realize that life is full of ups and downs and they are laughing through it all. They literally wrote the book on mother-daughter communication, which makes them uniquely qualified to help their followers do the same. They have ambitions for a positivity movement that has spread like wildfire throughout the globe. The Mother Daughter ISH duo doesn’t just train their listeners in personal development through communication but all areas of business development and professional enhancement. They believe that through communication between women, all things are possible, a rising tide lifts all boats. Their theme song ends with “When mother and daughter are together it is the greatest duo!” and listeners couldn’t agree more!

The Podcast
Their show, Mother Daughter ISH, is your mom’s favorite podcast and the podcast your daughter always wanted. They’re building a community of women that believes in a Global Movement of Positivity, through open and honest communication. This podcast is perfect for women from all cultures and of all ages, as it shows there is nothing more important than connection, particularly between mother and daughter. They live with intention and show their listeners how to do the same, working through differences and creating several successful business ventures together. They’re building a legacy for themselves through longstanding connections and smart business savvy. Mother Daughter ISH is dedicated to building up women from around the world, and those who listen can learn to do the same.

Background On The Duo That is Mother Daughter ISH
Dawn D. Fobbs has been a successful entrepreneur since 1998, supporting women to help them develop their professional prospects all over the globe. Fobbs speaks to women about personal and professional development and has authored over 25 books on the subject. Fobbs brings wisdom, intelligence, and insight into every aspect of their work.

Aungelique P’AJE’ Roberts is a long-standing advocate for communications, focusing specifically on the mother-daughter connection. Roberts’ knowledge of communication techniques has helped hundreds of women bridge the gap and find their way back to one another. Her strong belief in being the change you want to see in the world inspires listeners to nurture positive relationships and become the best versions of themselves in the future.

The Mother Daughter ISH Brand
Created to help women connect and bond on a global scale, their brand is teaching women to harness their power, create a network of like-minded businesswomen, and create a legacy that will last a lifetime. A global connection among women creates internal and external growth, and the Mother Daughter ISH Brand plans to be the premier place to do it. Through worldwide events, Mother Daughter ISH is creating a movement of positivity amongst women of all ages. Giving young women the chance to learn from the wisdom of the women who have come before.

Their Hope For The Future
That all women, from all walks of life, can put their own legacy in place. They hope to offer support, advice, and communication techniques for women around the world. Mother Daughter ISH aims to teach their listeners how to sustain themselves and their families financially and emotionally. To show the younger generation how to build their self-esteem through behavior modeling of the generation of women who raised them. With a renewed purpose after the struggles that so many women faced during the pandemic, the Mother Daughter ISH brand aims to create strong, innovative, independent businesswomen.

For the next generation of powerful positive women, Mother Daughter ISH has created The “Princess Esteem Program,” which is meant for girls ages 10-17. This fosters self-esteem, courage, and confidence in the young women of the world who are so often overlooked and undervalued.

We can’t wait to see what this incredible mother-daughter duo does next!

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