Most Overlooked Reason That Causes Upper and Lower Back Pain

Physical injuries are generally associated with small and big accidents and impacts.

They are also associated with intensive sports that challenge the strength and endurance power from the participants. Not many people are aware that they are actually causing injuries to themselves while they are sleeping.

It is probably because these types of injuries are caused due to repetitive stress on everyday bases. The realization strikes only after the injury gets aggravated and starts causing serious pains.

Sudden movements while sleeping can cause tearing of weakened muscles. Some of the common symptoms associated with injuries caused while sleeping are severe unbearable pain, muscle spasms, stiff back and neck, pinched nerves, and numbness of arms and fingers. In many cases, people find it extremely difficult to move some of their body parts because of the injury.

Besides sudden awkward moments which could potentially cause sleep injuries, there is another important reason that is totally overlooked by most people. The problem actually lies with the mattress that they are using, but they are not aware of the issue because it happens gradually over a period of time.

By the time they understand what is causing the pain, the injury would have become severe. Just like any other product, even the mattresses have their own shelf-life. Many people tend to use their old mattresses for many years, even after the lifespan of the product. Depending on the quality, even the lifespan of mattresses differ.

Over the years, mattresses start losing their firmness and shape because of prolonged usage and body weight. They no longer give the kind of support that they were designed for. Therefore, it is important to replace such mattresses, before they silently keep causing harm than any good to the sleepers.

It is important for people to notice when their mattresses are losing their shape. It is usually accompanied with the discomfort caused while sleeping. The very same mattress that used to give sound sleep, is no longer serving the purpose. It does not make sense to invite back injuries after that.

NewsWeek media website has published a useful article on mattress for back pain. They have listed out some of the most advanced mattresses that are especially useful for people who are facing injuries on their upper and lower back. They are also recommended for people without back problems, so that they can prevent sleep related injuries from occurring in the first place.

These mattresses are engineered to relieve the important pressure points like the sides and back. Therefore they are suitable for who prefer to sleep on their sides, or on their backs. The main cause of sleep related injuries is because of the misalignment of spine. These mattresses for back pain come with smart cushioning to support important body parts like shoulders and hips, in order to maintain the proper alignment of spine.

They are supported with pocketed coils and multiple layers of foam to provide superior comfort and pressure relief. People facing back pain must consider changing their mattresses at the earliest, before the problem become severe and irreversible.

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