Moss Removal in Nanaimo: Why It’s Essential to Avoid Costly Roof Repairs

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Moss is a flowerless plant that grows in shady and damp locations in dense, green clumps or mats. When moss takes over the roof of a house, it may have severe structural issues for the building. Moss functions like a sponge and can absorb a lot of rainwater over time. If there is any moss on the roof, the aftermath may be irreversible if ignored for long. That’s why moss removal in Nanaimo, British Columbia, where it rains throughout most of the year, is essential.

While it’s possible to deal with a small moss infestation yourself, anything more involved than a few plants on the surface or the roof should be managed by professionals. For one thing, climbing up on your roof involves some degree of personal risk, and for another, you could accidentally damage your roof if you make a mistake.

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Favorable Growth Conditions for Moss

The moisture-laden air of the Pacific Northwest provides the ideal conditions for moss to thrive. Moss is a water-loving plant and is a common sight clinging to roofs and clogging gutters. Water is essential for its survival, and therefore, it traps and retains moisture as it needs a moist atmosphere to survive. If not treated early enough, the moss damages the sheath by growing and curling beneath the shingles and edges. Once it establishes its colony, at-home-removal procedures become impossible, and you will have to hire an expert to do this.

Easy Solutions for Moss Removal at Home

A regular home inspection plan is vital. During these inspections, you will quickly pick up any signs of moss infestation and eliminate it before the damage is done. Once you notice any moss on walls or the roof, take immediate action, especially at the growth stages before the colony is formed. A routine roof inspection entails checking for any signs of moss on shingles, both on corners and edges. In its early growth stage, moss appears as clumps before it starts spreading its roots to cover larger areas or sections of the roof. Perform regular checks, especially during the spring and fall seasons, if your home has had moss infestation in the past.

Scrub off moss with a soft brush to avoid damaging the shingles. Avoid using power washers or tough brushes as much as possible. They will get the job done, but they also destroy the roofing material. A good amount of bleach diluted with water kills moss; however, it could wear out paint on walls and damage plants. Use bleach and other chemicals sparingly, and remember to wear protective gear.

Moss Prevention and Control

If your home has no record of moss infestation in the past, here are some handy tips that you can use to prevent it from invading your home. You can also apply these methods if you have successfully removed moss from your roof and want to avoid reoccurrence.

Keep Gutters Clean

Regularly cleaning your gutters removes any moss plants and prevents the accumulation of moisture or environments conducive to moss growth. Moss plants cannot survive on dry roofs. Check to see if the drainages are blocked, and if they are, take the time to unblock these areas to boost drainage from the roof. Having a regular gutter cleaning schedule for the whole year will help.

Trim Overgrown Branches

Ensure that any overgrown or hanging branches are trimmed frequently if you have trees in the yard close to the roof. Trees and branches are friendly habitats where moss spores reside. They also pour rain on the roof, hindering drying and regular airflow around the area.

Ensure There Is Enough Sunlight

Moss plants grow well in the shade. If there is any area on the roof without sufficient sunlight, moss will most likely grow here. You can avoid planting trees around the roof to curb this. Trimming existing trees will also ensure maximum roof exposure to sunshine and keep it dry and moss-free.

Advanced Techniques for Roof Demossing

If you are too busy to do all the above, we recommend doing the following. However, you will incur costs along the way as you will have to purchase the items needed. To completely prevent moss recurrence at home, consider installing zinc or copper strips around the roof edges. You can also apply galvanized flashing.

After installation of these strips, homeowners can rest assured that moss plants will not invade their roofs. The strips’ runoff or flashing (depending on your choice of material) generates minute particles into the air. These particles are responsible for killing moss and keeping it at bay. The use of the strips or flashing is highly recommended as they can last for many years without the need for frequent replacement.

Affordable Maintenance Plans from Prime Shine

Moss removal from commercial or residential properties can be very costly, especially in an urban setting. Hiring professional moss removers is advisable in such instances. Prime Shine, a locally owned and operated small business, specializes in window cleaning, moss removal treatment, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and siding cleaning. The company utilizes a proven methodology for the removal of moss that uses a combination of compressed air and soft brushing to clear away roof moss.

In the first step, the technicians brush away the moss by hand. In the next step, the loosened moss and debris are blown out between the roof’s shingles/tiles. Finally, a complete clean-up of the area is done. This procedure helps prolong the life of the roof without causing any damage to the shingles.

To find out more about Prime Shine’s services or to book an appointment, please visit today.

The post Moss Removal in Nanaimo: Why It’s Essential to Avoid Costly Roof Repairs appeared first on prReach Blog.

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