Mosin Nagant HQ Publishes Detailed New Review of Archangel Mosin-Nagant Stock

Comprehensive new look at popular fiberglass replacement stock arrives at some interesting conclusions, includes helpful video overview, Mosin Nagant HQ reports

Mosin Nagant HQ, a top online destination for those interested in the legendary Mosin Nagant rifle and related topics, published a brand-new review of the popular Archangel "OPFOR Precise" aftermarket stock. The most comprehensive analysis of the part available anywhere, the new Mosin Nagant Archangel stock review will be of great interest to anyone who owns a rifle of this kind or is thinking about buying one. With a vast collection of information and reviews covering aftermarket parts for the Mosin Nagant rifle and general-interest articles of related sorts, Mosin Nagant HQ is a leading online authority on one of the world's most popular and historic firearms.

"While they can look beautiful in pictures, the wooden stocks that many Mosin Nagant rifles are equipped with often fail to hold up in the field," Mosin Nagant HQ representative Gunnar Bengtsson said, "Whether because of the use of overly cheap wood or the inherent drawbacks of the material, there are often far better alternatives to be found from aftermarket sources. Our new look at the Archangel-made custom mosin-nagant stock provides everything a buyer might want to know about a leading option of this kind."

First designed and issued during the Imperial Era of Russia in the late nineteenth century, the Mosin-Nagant M44 bolt-action rifle has been in steady production for nearly 125 years. To date, nearly 40 million of the simple, highly reliable weapons have been produced worldwide, with rifles of this kind still regularly regular appearances in military conflicts around the globe today.

That timeless design also holds a great appeal to those interested in firearms as collectors and for recreational shooting. Inexpensive and easy to come by, Mosin Nagant rifles are popular with everyone looking for an affordable tool for the local shooting range to those interested in military history.

The ubiquity of the rifle also means that there is a strong trade in aftermarket parts that fit it. The stock is one of the most common targets of those looking to improve their own weapons, because the heavy wood ones that many rifles are equipped with by default can inhibit shooting comfort and accuracy.

The in-depth new Mosin Nagant HQ review of the Archangel M44 stock will therefore be of great interest to many readers. By far the most detailed review of the popular fiberglass-based replacement to be found anywhere, the new take on the part concludes that it is one of the best options on the market for those looking for a new Mosin Nagant stock.

As with all of the resources at Mosin Nagant HQ, the new review is available free of charge to all visitors. Visitors to the site will also find an unequaled abundance of other reviews and articles, all focused on the legendary Mosin-Nagant M44 rifle.

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