Morguen Toole Company Unveils Wedding Barn As Unique Venue For Receptions And More

Wedding barn provides a venue for weddings and receptions that is both classy and rustic, reports Morguen Toole

The trend for unusual weddings has been around for some time now, with brides and grooms continuing to devise new ways to make their special day unique and interesting. This can be done by holding themed weddings or offering unique foods for the reception, but in some cases, a simple change of venue can make all the difference. One such unique venue is the barn offered by the Morguen Toole Company, which operates a restaurant, hotel, and event venue in Meyersdale, PA.

"On the outside, the barn looks like what it is. It's very large, but otherwise, is a big red barn with a fresh coat of paint and a nice flower garden to the side," said the Morguen Toole. "Inside, though, it's very nice. It has a perfectly-maintained wooden dance floor and a stage. Tables for the guests are to the sides and provide a perfect view of the dancing. The head table can be set up on the stage to highlight the honorees, or the wedding band can play there and entertain everyone. The barn's interior provides the perfect environment for a unique wedding. It's classy enough to be worthy of the occasion, but rustic enough to be memorable."

A wedding is just one of the uses for the Morguen Toole Company's venues. The barn, as well as a more traditional restaurant, are both available for Corporate Parties, bridal showers, and other such events. Like most venue providers, the company also offers catering, waitstaff, beverage provision, and needed accessories like tables, chairs, and linens. Its services make it easy for patrons to have full-service events that will create the perfect impressions.

"Our hotel is a very unique feature," Morguen Toole noted. "At most venues, guests have to go home after the party's over. Since many events last well into the night, this can be quite inconvenient. There is no need to worry about that at Morguen Toole's. Here, turning a late party into an Overnight stay is as easy as taking a few steps and checking in. We offer several room choices that allow us to meet the needs of many different situations. While we do have rooms with just one bed, many of them offer extras so that larger groups can spend the night and then go home safely the next day. We even offer a hostel room that can economically accommodate huge groups."

The Morgeun Toole Company also offers a restaurant, so there's no need to have an event there in order to enjoy its food. These amenities make it a very well-rounded establishment and a popular destination for those looking for unique, yet classy, accommodations.

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The Morgeun Toole Company offers an event venue, hotel, and restaurant. These service branches may be enjoyed separately, or reserved as a package to provide an all-inclusive experience.

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