Moonway — A Decentralized Yield Generating Token Platform

Moonway initially launched 400 trillion coins burned on debut itself, and almost 525 trillion were locked up for liquidity.

Moonway, a decentralized token is happy to inform the community regarding its recent growth. The token market value took a ride from $120K to a massive $20 million in the record two weeks. Citing the surge, the token is being compared next to Shiba Inu.

Moonway initially launched 400 trillion coins burned on debut itself, and almost 525 trillion were locked up for liquidity. The developer's team behind the project renounced ownership right from the start. It provided the community with a unique opportunity to hold ownership of the token and decide the future course in a truly decentralized manner.

Auto-Decentralized Liquidity

Auto-decentralized liquidity provisioning on the Binance Smart Chain. However, there is no order book to match investors' orders, and traders might trade a liquidity pool. It is easy to use; also, investors can convert volatile assets to stable currencies and hedge against real-world occurrences.

Moonway had a high return of 15,000% in two weeks and a market value of $20M without substantial promotion. Moonway's growth has been through the organic community, and the coin allows the regular crypto investor to participate in events and be part of the decision-making community. The existing community has structured itself to execute the vision of the project for long-term development.

Moonway burns 5% forever and gives token holders another 5%. Thus, existing tokens gain value because of the positive deflationary effect, and Moonway's dwindling supply will drive up the price.

Moreover, the community has burnt 8% of the entire supply since the developer's inception and the initial 40% burn. As the volume grows, the supply shrinks, which encourages long-term holders to hold on to their tokens.

Coin Holder

Coin holder, John Marshall, comments on the future of Moonway, "Could Moonway be the next Dogecoin or Shiba? Coin experts say yes. Since its launch on November 12th, Moonway's value has increased by over 15,000%. In addition, wallet holders have rapidly grown to over 1400. This rapid growth and steady consolidation make me believe this is going to be the next great crypto!"

"The cryptocurrency industry is full of surprises, and Moonway may be among the next leaders in the crypto market. Numerous tokens break price records on a near-daily basis." Marshall says.

Moonway, like Dogecoin before it, is primed to develop in the worldwide market as a promising product for crypto users. Long-term crypto growth prospects like Moonway seem good.

About Moonway

Moonway is a decentralized token that will soon be voted on by the community, which will decide the future course. Token holders also benefit from the auto-staking mechanism that reflects each transaction. Furthermore, the project has dedicated charities for both humans and animals.

Moonway is also audited by Certik, with an upcoming listing on CoinGecko as well.

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