Moody Ape Introduces the Original NFT Collections Inspired by Metaverse Miniseries

Moody Ape launches a breakthrough innovation in the NFT collection market, as it is the first collection created for a miniseries on the Metaverse. Clients can discover the story and especially what makes this project so unique.

Experts at Moody Ape Club claim that the project is more than a simple NFT collection. The platform introduces 6,999 unique NFTs designed for the first-ever miniseries on the Metaverse. It is not just limited to a simple launch of a collection. On the contrary, it goes beyond as it integrates many decisive elements and components of the Metaverse.

The NFTs are simply derivatives and a component of the project that is more comprehensive and ambitious. The uniqueness of the Moody Ape Collection lies in the fact that it is the first-ever collection built around a miniseries that will relate the story of the construction of the Metaverse and will be available in the Metaverse.

In a recent development, the sale of their NFT will take place in several stages. First, there is a pre-sale which will take place in December, followed by the public sale. Investors will buy their NFT directly on their website by minting. The process is entirely secure via their Metamask account. The company possesses one of the best projects and roadmap. They worked for months with the best experts to build a solid and feasible project. In this sense, they are pioneers and innovators in the NFT market.

Moreover, they have strategic partnerships with the best artists globally, tech companies, institutions, scriptwriters, and associations to make this project outstanding. Thus the project involves all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Moody Ape Club choose to put the community and the holders in the heart of the decisions. They will consult the holders and listen to their initiatives for significant findings on the evolution of the series by involving the community. The crew will design various unique artistic contents throughout this project, such as the first series based on the Metaverse. In addition to that, they will create an ecosystem of artistic projects on the Metaverse, like the first manga or video clips with world-renowned artists and unique artworks.

All the decisions taken for the project aim to guarantee the value of the NFTs and, above all, ensure its valuable investors that it is a long-term and sustainable investment. The NFT owned by buyers will become part of the world's first NFT miniseries broadcast on major streaming platforms. They have tons of plans, such as musical collaborations with famous artists and physical figurines. In addition, this project will incorporate other Ape collections in Season 2 and those that have already been successful in increasing the visibility and especially the collection's value.

About The Moody Ape Club: It is a private collection composed of 6,999 Moody Apes as NFTs characterized by their rarity level. Moody Ape's project team comprises experienced professionals with diverse but complementary backgrounds.

For a detailed roadmap and further information, determined crypto enthusiasts must visit their website or Discord community and the enjoy the perks of Metaverse world!

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