Montem Outdoor Gear Launches Game Changing New Portable Picnic Blanket

Montem Outdoor Gear has created a durable picnic blanket fit for three people that folds away to the size of a smartphone, making al fresco eating easier than ever.

When trekking the wilds, or even just going for a walk in the park, finding a nice patch of ground to lay down on can be difficult. Sitting on damp grass, mud, rocks or other obstacles that take the shine off outdoor dining. That’s why picnic blankets are ideal for keeping backsides happy and food off the ground. The downside is that they are often large and unwieldy, and soak up the moisture people are trying to avoid. Fortunately, Montem Outdoor Gear have now reinvented the picnic blanket with a lightweight, portable solution.

The blanket is the size of a smartphone when packed down, but expands to 55”x 60” when opened out. The blanket is made of water repellent and puncture resistant material to overcome those pesky twigs and rocks, and is fully versatile. The product can be used as a picnic blanket, but also a rain cover, beach mat or tablecloth. It can even be used as a poncho for anyone caught out in the rain.

The Montem Camping Blanket is available to purchase through Amazon to guarantee the best fulfilment and prices possible. The product is presented both folded out and packed down on the website so people have a full understanding of its size and look. It offers an incredibly useful, multi-purpose tool for any adventurer.

A spokesperson for Montem Outdoor Gear explained, “We are pleased to be able to introduce our new Montem picnic blanket to our customers. This is perfect for adventurers who are looking for a low profile, lightweight solution to creating a dry patch of ground anywhere in the wild. This picnic blanket promises to be hard wearing, high quality and eminently affordable. We are looking forward to getting these products out to new and existing customers alike, and we are confident they will help solve a key challenge to outdoor living for many years to come.”

About Montem Outdoor Gear: Montem Outdoor Gear is a company that produces premium outdoor gear for the best possible prices. Founded by hikers, trekkers, and overall fitness enthusiasts, they specialize in new product development to offer cutting edge solutions to the challenges of the trails. Their experienced team offer great customer service together with great value prices on new and innovative products.

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