MoneyExpert Offers Escape Strategy From Mounting Debt

The MoneyExpert website offers various debt management solutions. These are programs that allow indebted individuals to consolidate multiple obligations into a single manageable payment plan.

MoneyExpert is pleased to announce that it offers a selection of debt plans for its clients. Debt management solutions plans will help clients to manage all current debt by working out a monthly payment plan designed specifically to fit within the financial limitations of the individual. By consolidating all the debt obligation payments into a single monthly payment plan which is affordable, customers are relieved of the pressures caused by the need to pay back multiple obligations creditors each month.

If in debt of at least £2,500 to multiple creditors and are struggling to keep up with repayments, then a debt management plan can help consolidate, and ultimately help get rid of this debt.

In most instances, creditors will freeze the interest and penalties on the outstanding obligations, so that the reduction in the monthly payment doesn't cause major negative effects on the amount which must be paid back. A debt management plan allows for clients to take control of all current debt. There will be no need to take out any more credit, as would be the case with a debt consolidation loan.

The website offers both debt management plans and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs). The requirements for each are different, but both are easy and convenient by using MoneyExpert. The debt management program allows clients to clear debts without the need of a loan and has a single affordable monthly payment. It reduces demands from creditors and clears debts without the need for a loan

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a formal and legally binding agreement between the debtor and creditors. Both parties are provided with legal protections while debt problems are solved. The minimum criteria for an IVA include indebtedness to at least two creditors and must have at least £5000 in debt. The debtor must be able to show that making payments is a struggle. The applicant must be a UK citizen.

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