Money Mindset Coach Courtney Donaldson Guides Women Toward Financial Abundance in Bestselling Book, Change Makers

Donaldson is one of 25 authors featured in Volume 6 of the Amazon Bestselling book series.

Courtney Donaldson had to face her money secret at the supermarket checkout, with two kids in tow and not enough money to cover the groceries; she was 60 thousand dollars in debt.

Anything but lazy, she worked a full-time job, a weekend casual role, and even started a side hustle that she ran during the gaps between motherhood, career, and marriage.

Donaldson kept spinning like a roulette wheel; the money disappeared and eventually, so did her relationship with her husband. It was the wake-up call she needed to get to the source of her issues; her mindset.

“Holding onto shame and resentment from debt that you’ve accumulated or the stress you feel about the lack of money in your account will only continue to manifest situations confirming those feelings,” explained Donaldson.

When Donaldson faced her truth, that she was spending mindlessly to fill a self-confidence void, things started to turn around. She studied the energetics of money, how focusing on her dominant emotions around finances would set her free to work less and earn more.

A true Change Maker, Donaldson is now empowering women to take charge of their finances and hopefully give them more freedom as a result.

“I would love to see more women living without worry and stress around money and making the link between how powerful their thoughts and feelings are for creating abundance,” she said. “At any given moment, you can take control of your money mindset and ditch the money struggle. Your thoughts and feelings around money and earning play the biggest role.”

For Donaldson, money is more than a number in a bank account; it represents freedom, power, and control. Whatever the reason for avoiding the subject - fear, embarrassment, or awkwardness; Donaldson teaches her clients to overcome money blocks with her program, ‘Money Mindset for Her.’

Donaldson shares her personal story along with fascinating, little-known financial advice in Change Makers Volume 6: 25 Transformational Stories from Women Making An Impact In The Lives Of Others, which hit number 1 in Australia, the US and Canada on Amazon.

“As someone who couldn’t read or write until the age of nine and grew up with a learning disability, it’s been a full circle moment becoming published as a best-selling author. We definitely aren’t defined by our past!” added Donaldson.

Donaldson currently runs the Money Mindset Academy for Women from her home base in Canada.

Courtney Donaldson was selected to share her story by Emma Hamlin, the book’s publisher and founder of Change Maker Press. Hamlin is herself a bestselling author, publisher, and strategic marketing expert who founded her company to provide a space for innovative and inspiring women to be seen and heard.

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