Mommy Edition Publishes Updated High Quality Editorials On Breast Feeding

Mommy Edition has created new original content offering breast feeding advice and recommendations on the best commercially available breast pumps to aid struggling mothers.

Becoming a mother is no doubt the most momentous change in a woman’s life, and as a result everything about it is unfamiliar. This understandably leads new mothers to fear that they will make mistakes, which in turn creates a high demand for advice and guidance. Mommy Edition is a website specializing in preparing women for motherhood and addressing the challenges of having a baby. They have recently published new editorials on breast feeding, including an advice column featuring tips and strategies and a review of the breast pump market.

The breast feeding advice post features three distinct sections, including preparation for breast feeding, breast feeding once the baby is born and advice on breast feeding older children and weaning. The article comprises over 51 tips in total, ranging from what books to buy to video latching tutorials.

The site has also created a review post which includes a meta-analysis of the best breast pumps for new moms, which includes information on breast pump use as well as factors to consider during the decision making process. The article then introduces pumps for occasional use, pumps for everyday use, pumps for working mothers and hospital grade pumps as well as a range of other socio-economic based categorizations to meet every need, replete with recommended providers.

A spokesperson for Mommy Edition explained, “Breast feeding is the most natural and healthy way to feed a baby, but it comes with its own set of challenges and is far from straight forward. Our breastfeeding advice is designed to give a comprehensive series of tips and tricks that can aid mothers in making regular breast feeding easier, more achievable and less painful for those who are finding trouble with the process. The list is so comprehensive because there are so many intricacies to this apparently simple act. Our recommendation of breast pumps also provides helpful alternative solutions.”

About Mommy Edition:
Mommy Edition is a comprehensive blog site dedicated to articles for mothers young and old, new and experienced. The site specializes in editorial content surrounding the challenges of motherhood and novel ways to address and overcome these. The site is updated regularly and features information on pregnancy, relationships, feeding, exercise and more.

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