Mold Inspection & Testing Helps Determine if Fungus You See is “Toxic Black Mold”

People that are concerned by the appearance of mold and often assume what they are seeing is toxic. Mold Inspection & Testing | MI&T offers a cost effective assessment of homes and businesses.

Mold is in every home or business, especially those in humid areas of the country and those prone to large temperature changes over the course of the year. The problem for many homeowners is knowing how to deal with it. Most experts will recommend removal services because they provide removal services, but the truth is there is a big difference between normal mold and problematic conditions like toxic black mold that requires professional removal. Mold Inspection and Test provide independent testing to determine on a case by case basis what homeowners face, potentially saving them on costly and disruptive restoration work.

Available in over fifty localities throughout the US, Mold Inspection & Testing offers a superior method to a store bought mold test kit. Store bought tests are incapable of assessing quantity, source, or airborne spores and provide no support for dealing with the problem. An inspection from MI&T addresses all these issues and more.

Stachybotrys, or toxic black mold, is not the only species requiring professional mold removal but is the most well known and feared because of its past history. Mold Inspection and Test can identify other problematic forms of mold and tells homeowners the best way to combat specific types of mold problems.

A spokesperson for Mold Inspection and Test explained, “Before we rose to prominence, mold inspections were a prop used by restoration and repair companies in order to try and impress authority and urgency onto potential customers and drive up sales. Now, homeowners can get an inspection independent from the removal process to assess their mold issues. When all is said and done we’ll be able to tell you if it can be cleaned up on your own or if it is something more concerning like toxic black mold that requires professional removal. By providing an independent service, we can offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability.”

About Mold Inspection and Test:
MI&T was established in 2009 in Chicago, IL and South Florida and has since expanded its operations to over 50 major metropolitan areas. They have established themselves as the leaders in the mold inspection field and are one of the few test only companies in the mold industry, sparing their customers a conflict of interest.

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