Mold Aid Offers Range of Mold Removal Services

Mold Aid is a mold remediation and repair company in the greater Washington, D.C., area. Now, Mold Aid is offering a range of mold removal and repair services that includes inspections and certifications.

Mold Aid, an expert mold remediation company near Washington, D.C., has announced that it is offering a complete range of mold removal services to include repair, inspections and certifications. “Mold identification and removal is a job best left to experts,” notes John Taylor, owner. “Because there is a great deal of technology now available to test indoor air quality and other factors related to mold contamination, a company like mine can come in and quickly determine if a home or business owner has a mold problem.”

First, the company enters the home or business and, using the latest devices, tests for indoor air quality and the presence of mold spores. “If a certain percentage of mold spores are found in the air, it is usually because there is an active infestation. This often occurs after a serious water leak or a flood,” notes Taylor. Once the mold problem is identified, locating it becomes the priority. “Mold is often hidden in out-of-the-way spots. This makes it difficult to see, but we have equipment that can locate it, even inside walls.”

After identifying and locating the mold issues, the company then treats them appropriately. “Sometimes it is easier to simply cut away the wallboard, remove the carpet or take some other steps to remove mold,” notes Taylor. “However, when that is not possible, we may simply ‘smother’ the mold by covering it with chemically-treated paint that prevents it from receiving moisture and air. This kills the mold growth and prevents it from spreading.”

After the mold is treated, Taylor and his crew perform a final inspection. They can also issue a certification that the home or business is mold-free for sales purposes or to an insurance company. For more information on Mold Aid and to learn about how mold affects homes and businesses, visit and

About Mold Aid: Mold Aid offers mold testing, certification and remediation to home and business owners who have experienced problems with mold growth due to flooding or other causes. The company also provides HVAC cleaning, drywall removal and building inspection services as well as indoor air quality testing.

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