Mojo Global Solves Low Traditional Media ROI with High ROI Auto Sales Lead Generation System

Traditional media has become increasingly expensive for car dealerships and can deliver low ROI. Mojo Global’s proven All-In-One Proprietary Automated Multi-Channel Lead Generation System solves this by offering predictable streams of incoming leads with a high return on investment.

Bombarded daily by multiple traditional ad messages most people have learned to tune them out. Exceptional follow-up by auto salespeople to potential customers is more important than ever.

“The average person is exposed to over 5,000 ad messages per day. Only 86 get any awareness and less than 12 ads get any engagement. That means an advertising blast has a 0.0024% chance of any engagement at all.” – The Digital Dealer Conference 2016.

It’s become essential that when a potential customer walks into a dealership a relational connection is made with the auto salesperson and for the salesperson to follow-up vigorously to help build a relationship of trust. Unfortunately, this can be a hard skill to execute for many salespeople and the sale is lost.

According to Grant Cardone, International Sales Expert, Entrepreneur Magazine, “Sixty-five percent of all companies admit that there is no process to nurture leads. When a lead walks onto a showroom floor closing can be impossible unless there is follow-up. Whether the lead is in person or online, the follow-up separates the ordinary salespeople from the pro status.”

Mojo Global solves this problem for auto dealers by offering an all-in-one automated multi-channel lead generation system that can be scaled to any size business. The System is able to find unlimited prospects, send out 1,000’s of emails, voicemails and/or text messages consistently and send instant notifications when a prospect is hot and ready to buy. Utilizing Mojo Global’s System is like having an automated marketing sales force without the payroll expense – that never sleeps.

Is the dealership’s sales team

• Struggling with follow-up

• Hating cold calling

• Is it difficult for the team to make outbound calls

• 1,000% committed but need more sales/customers

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