Mojo Global Solves Auto Lead Generation Dilemma Hyundai Dealership Nets 83k Sales in 1 Month

A Hyundai Automobile Dealership closed an additional 54 Deals and netted over $83,000 in sales as a direct result of investing in Mojo Global’s All-In-One Proprietary Automated Multi-Channel Lead Generation System.

Predictable lead generation and follow-up is a major pain point for millions of businesses including the automotive industry.

Mojo’s All-In-One Proprietary Automated Multi-Channel Lead Generation System solved this for an Auto Dealership in April. The Hyundai Store invested in Mojo’s System and created weekly campaigns. The results were tracked and the campaigns generated 54 vehicles sales and $83,009 in net revenue.

As most entrepreneurs know, the fortune is in the follow-up. Although 80% of sales are closed between the 5th and the 12th attempt, 48% of salespeople never follow-up and 12% follow-up twice.

Mojo Global solves this problem by offering an all-in-one automated multi-channel lead generation system that can be scaled to any size business. The System is able to find unlimited prospects, send out 1,000’s of emails, voicemails and/or text messages consistently and send instant notifications when a prospect is hot and ready to buy. Utilizing Mojo Global’s System is like having an automated marketing sales force without the payroll expense that never sleeps.

For entrepreneurs who:

– struggle with follow-up

– Hate cold calling

– Want predictable streams of incoming leads

– Are 1,000% committed but need more sales/customers

– Find it difficult to get a sales team to make outbound calls

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Mojo Global’s grown from a local marketing agency to a global entity that’s trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in over 30 countries and generates 7-figures a year by offering cutting edge Lead Generation Techniques, Tips, Training and Lead Generation Software.

Founders Cory Michael Sanchez and Ira Rosen are nationally recognized speakers and co-authors of 4 highly acclaimed books, including “Got Mojo?”, “6 Award-Winning Secrets for Explosive Business Growth” and “Zero to Hero.”

Mojo Global was bestowed the prestigious “Marketer of the Year” Award by the Phoenix Business Journal and the Best Video Product by Icon Media for Proprietary B2B Lead Generation Software.

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