Mojo Global, a Scottsdale, Arizona Marketing Firm, Obtains 100 New Clients in One Week

Ira Rosen and Cory Sanchez, founding partners of Mojo Global Marketing announced today that they acquired 104 new clients in one single week: the week of March 9th through the 13th, 2015.

“I know of no other company our size that has ever accomplished this,” said Rosen. “I am amazed and humbled by the hard work everyone in our company did to make this happen.”

Mojo Global Marketing sells social media marketing programs to businesses of all sizes, primarily focusing on LinkedIn. “We are the leaders in the lead generation field, currently serving 700 clients in the US and 14 foreign countries,” said Sanchez. “Our plans sell for between $997 and $4000, with a month usage plan that averages $200 a month.”

Rosen pointed out that the company has been in operation for 6 years, and has had rapid growth each year, but never did he believe 100 new clients in one week was possible. He continued, “As little as three years ago, we would have been happy with the idea of 100 new clients in a year. Our growth, particularly in the past 8 months, has been phenomenal.”

Sanchez added that the addition of webinars with joint venture partners has been a catalyst to the rapid growth. “We have been doing some webinars with industry ‘gurus’ where we have several hundred people on the webinar, and we routinely sell 20% or more of the audience.”

The company also has an in-house sales team that makes calls to people who have asked for a meeting to learn about the marketing programs with Mojo Global. “There is no cold calling done at Mojo Global,” said Rosen. “We are only calling people who have ‘raised their hand’ and specifically asked for what we call a ‘strategy session.’ ”

Sanchez explained that the strength of the program and its high demand is due to a software program that is proprietary to Mojo Global, and automates the process of getting targeted leads for businesses, primarily from LinkedIn. Sanchez continued, “LinkedIn is where online business to business is being conducted. We have ‘cracked the code’ on using this to develop a steady stream of highly targeted leads for over 800 businesses from all over the globe.”

Both Rosen and Sanchez have a new goal of adding 1000 paid clients in 2015. They point out that although they are growing rapidly, they have surrounded themselves with handpicked leaders and managers who are making the transition to a larger sized company a smooth process. “Sometimes rapid growth can lead to chaos,” said Rosen. “But we have the people in place that are making this happen and making sure the care of the client is job number 1. We currently have 30 employees spread across our Scottsdale office, virtual offices throughout the US, and several other countries.”

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