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In the last couple of decades, gaming industries have enormously transformed and grown. A few major transformations took place, as the arrival of season-based gaming, virtual realities, and others. The growing popularity of online gaming has likewise skyrocketed. With these, also the online alternatives growing for individuals who are into the gaming industry, memes, video game news, etc. However, contrary to this, the gaming industry has faced many challenges, specifically in over-advertised games. However, the bright side is that a plethora of game culture, gaming blogs, gaming news, gaming communities, and others are likewise developing like never before. MODYOLO is one platform that introduces games and apps to online users who really enjoy playing modern games online.

How many people know about the “State of Survival” game? Hardly anyone of the gamers has a clear idea about the game because their focus is mainly on playing the game rather than its development. State of Survival is a strategy as well as construction game in a post-apocalyptic world troubled by zombies. Gamers can build their base to maintain existing and develop it to turn prominent. Simultaneously, gamers can likewise explore the areas across their area, which can either be secured or dangerous. So the battles against the enemies are inescapable, and gamers will surely not miss the activities going on amid Halloween. Another famous game is Modern Ops that sets up the most bizarre map of an extremely daring looting campaign; players will comprise two characters and then finish their missions.

Surprisingly, MODYOLO is not just limited to the games, but it will also give the user clear information about the apps. With more than 3.2 billion smartphone users as well as 1.14 billion table users globally, there is undoubtedly why the growth of mobile applications is booming in the recent and the upcoming years. As per some studies, around 88% of mobile time is mainly spent on apps. They have turned an important part of mobile phone usage. The users download and utilize apps for almost everything - from tracking their sleep to ordering a meal for quick delivery. The user utilizes them at work and home, on the streets, amid commutes, even while consuming or lying in bed. Specifically, apps have turned into an extension of themselves. MODYOLO is the one-stop destination that gives the user a detailed introduction about almost all the modern applications such as B612, Best Free Camera & Photo/Video Editor is an all-in-one application that involves cameras as well as extremely professional editors or Netflix that can give all the services of watching and videos online from anywhere, which are present in more than 130 countries worldwide.

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