Modern Rugs Online Retailer Launch Designer Line Aimed At Home Decorating Gurus

Area rugs surge in popularity as industry sales grow substantially reports

Industry statistics report consumers purchased approximately $6.0 billion of full sized area rugs, scatter and accent rugs, bath mats, and runners in 2011, up 4.7% over 2010. In fact, statistics also show rugs and runners alone account for close to 20% of total floor coverings manufacturing sales in 2011, up from 15% in 2007. These statistics came as no to surprise to the staff at Modern Rugs, an online modern designer rugs retailer.

Says the spokesperson Chris, "Most of us have many childhood memories growing up with rugs. Area rugs are great choices for consumers, collectors, and interior decorators alike. Rug designs are no longer limited to the traditional designs we grew up with. Remember the red and blue flowers at our grandparents' homes? Currently, area rugs are being designed by new leading designers, architects, and famous fashion designers."

The staff notes how many designer names have jumped on board with rug designs. "Customers are very excited to see designer rugs on our website from such names as Calvin Klein, Martha Stewart and Marc Davidson, among many. Interior design firms have also jumped on board to lend their talent and vision to the creation of floor covering with the many designers."

The staff at Modern Rugs report common dissatisfaction with traditional carpet is the lack of colors and design. "In comparison, wall-to-wall carpeting is nothing short of boring, and mostly purchased in neutral colors. With wall-to-wall carpeting, the rooms still look empty and furniture still looks scattered.

A carefully selected area rug will introduce harmony and tie in all the artwork, furniture, and accessories of the room without overwhelming the space."

The spokesperson goes on to say, "Being the most prominent item in the room, area rugs, especially custom rugs, can transform a space instantly. By using an area rug, you can define an area, create false walls, and define hallways. You can define and set the parameters of a seating area and by using different color area rugs, you can divide a large space or a loft into separate spaces."

He concludes, recommending area rugs for many different lifestyles. "Area rugs can be an excellent purchase for those who rent apartments and homes, who are moving in a few years, college students in dorm rooms, lofts, or anybody else who wishes to keep away from the bother and cost of carpet fitting. They will find area rugs a smart, practical option that they can roll and load on the moving truck."

About Modern Rugs:
Modern Rugs was founded by Zachary Nitzan in the early 2000s, Nitzan has worked in the area rug industry since 1988. He has been involved with the top designers, influencing the current trends in the art of floor coverings. Nitzan obtained a Bachelor of Arts from London L.M.D.A. and has written numerous articles on the subject of area rug and decorating with area rugs. Mr. Zachary Nitzan was featured and quoted in many industry publications and reports on the subject of modern art trends and has actively worked to bring affordable rug art to the masses via the Internet.

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