Modern Bartender Launches Original Silicone Ice Ball Maker

Modern Bartender has long been a great resource for inventive new cocktail recipes, and is now supplying products, with a new silicon ice ball maker on offer.

Drinking has been a huge part of almost every culture since the earliest civilizations. Brewing alcohol was originally a means of purifying water to make it drinkable, driving an evolution that has created innumerable different flavors, textures and experiences which can be put into infinite combinations. Modern Bartender helps people in the 21st century stay on the cutting edge of drink mixing, and has now launched its first ever product, a spherical ice ball maker made of silicone, in order to help people get the best from their drinking experience.

Identifying that the best mixed drink in the world will still run into problems when using crushed ice or cubes that cool the drink unevenly and even separate the mixed ingredients once in the glass, the company determined through extensive testing that a spherical ice ball, which cools evenly throughout the drink and melts evenly and uniformly, is the best possible shape for the drinking experience.

The product is the first thing that the website’s store has brought to market for purchase after years of providing free insight and inspiration to a generation of drinkers. They have created the product in high quality silicone, so people can affordably source large premium grade ice ball molds to give drinks the ultimate cooling design.

A spokesperson for Modern Bartender explained, “We are very excited to bring our first product to market and we are excited about what this means for us as a business. We have been producing high quality content on the cutting edge of the drinks industry for years, and now we are bringing that cutting edge attitude to the technology of the drinks industry, creating premium molds affordable for everyone. We believe they will make a real difference to the look, taste and feel of a drink, whether it’s a beautifully aged single malt or a daring new cocktail.”

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