Mobius Media Solutions Bringing Attention to the Hard Work of Gym Owners

Dedicated to helping gym owners throughout the country grow and expand their business, is raising awareness one gym owner at a time

There are more than 40,000 gyms and fitness centers in the U.S. today. This number is steadily increasing with more and more people demanding access to these locations. Unfortunately, many gym owners still don’t get the recognition they deserve for making a fitness facility available to anyone and everyone ready to transform their lives.

Mobius Media Solutions has launched a campaign to bring awareness to the huge impact gym owners have, beginning with a simple “Thank You” video.

Gym owners all over the country are changing people’s lives every day,” stated a Mobius Media Solutions representative. “These people, who are seen by many as just entrepreneurs, have provided the threshold for which scared, depressed and anxious individuals need to walk over in order to take control of their lives. For many, the door leading into a gym is the separation between life and death. It is a heavy burden to bear, and gym owners across the country are crushing this challenge by ensuring communities have access to these life-changing facilities.”

Many gym owners are facing growing pains as new exercise modules, such as CrossFit, are increasing in popularity. In 2005, there were only 13 affiliate gyms in the U.S. offering CrossFit, and today there are more than 7,000. With potential members going to fitness centers and demanding access to this exercise option, gyms are having to accommodate them in order to provide the workout members are seeking. This results in gym owners facing higher costs, as well as expansion or remodeling issues.

“Many gym owners don’t get to be on the floor with their clients,” continued the representative from Mobius Media Solutions. “They are stuck in the office handling gym details and paperwork. This is another factor that reduces the acknowledgment of everything gym owners do, and have done, for their local communities.”

With 36.5 percent of all adults in the United States considered obese, it is more crucial than ever before that exercise facilities be available in all communities. Obesity raises the potential for type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and even cancer. Gym owners have created a place for at-risk people to change their lives and become healthier, happier versions of themselves.

For all of these reasons and more, Mobius Media Solutions released their "Thank You" video, which went viral practically overnight. "We wanted gym owners to be recognized. To at least be given a 'thank you' for everything that they do," said the Mobius Media Solutions representative. "It's the least we could do for these dedicated individuals. For the effort they put out. For the passion to their craft. For their blood, sweat, and tears. For the lives they save. Thank you."


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