Mobile Stairlift provides the safest and most affordable mobility equipment on the market

It’s their priority to coalesce the strongest materials, the most reliable electronics, and the highest-rated safety features to create the most affordable, most adaptable, and sturdiest mobility vehicles humanly possible.

Operating for over a year, Mobile Stairlift sells portable stair lifts, a totally new innovation in the stair lift industry, helping the disabled with a much needed product. Their portable stair chair and electric dolly do not require costly track installation, and both are ready to use right out of the box.

Mobile Stairlift was founded by Shia Halpern, For him, this journey began when he realized that his father was not able to move around their Brooklyn neighbourhood like he used to, and therefore would not be able to participate in family and community events in the same way that he always had. This reality hit their family hard, and caused him to take to the internet in search of a solution. Track-riding stair chairs seemed like the only option, but for a $10,000+ price tag, the unit would only alleviate his father’s mobility limitations on a single set of stairs. It was beginning to seem like there wasn’t anything out there that Shia’s family could use to take his dad with them wherever they went. Just when he was almost out of hope, a few timely technological advancements provided him the exact opportunity he was looking for.

Mobile Stairlift just launched this new revolutionary stair lift that will disrupt the current chair lift market. They have successfully sold hundreds of these on initial launch. Their durable rubber tank-like treads allow them for use on nearly any stair surface, and the large capacity rechargeable battery means that people will no longer be limited by access to a power outlet (or even a building for that matter!). Both products are able to carry up to 500 pounds and can be used on up to 120 flights of stairs on a single charge.

They offer a stair lift solution that provides the following benefits:
• Installation - With the Mobile Stairlift, there is no installation process. So if you don't want to install expensive and unsightly stair tracks, then this is the solution for you!
• Timing - Ready to use out of the box, so you don't have to wait for weeks or months to complete an installation process-- just charge the battery and turn it on!
• Cost - This is a much more affordable (and adaptable) alternative to installable stairlifts and is fraction of the price of other detached trackless stairlifts.
• Comfortability - This is the only "Car-To-Bed" solution on the market: with the Mobile Stairlift, the rider can get in the chair at the car and be carried upstairs and all the way to bed without unbuckling the safety belt. There's no sitting down getting up, sitting down getting up at every turn of the way.
• Portability - The Mobile Stairlift folds small enough to fit in most trunks, so when it comes to where you can take it, the sky’s the limit-- Take it wherever you go!

Moreover, they are also giving out a $150 coupon: 1PR150. As if the price wasn’t too less already!

About the Company:

Mobile Stairlift sells portable stair lifts, a totally new innovation in the stair lift industry, helping the disabled with a much needed product.

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