Mobile Facility Management Software InspectTHIS Available On Google Play Store

One of the primary Android App Built on Force. com, InspectTHIS for Android delivers innovation to facility management.

Avandel Inc. today released its offline-capable mobile facility management software InspectTHIS! on the Google Play Store, strengthening businesses to connect with their clients, associates and employees in totally new ways.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, the world's leading cloud platform for social and mobile business apps, InspectTHIS is immediately available for test drive on the Google Play Store.

InspectTHIS! Android inspection app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and lets you enter data quickly and easily so that you can fulfill your tasks accurately whilst minimizing the time and effort you spend on this activity.

The application is ideal for organizations looking to extend the power of the Salesforce App Cloud to a mobile, field-based workforce operating in remote areas with unreliable internet access and to add rich content during data collection, such as GPS location-based tracking, annotated photos, embedded video and recorded audio.

InspectTHIS! delivers seamless integration to help customers to track and manage their facilities and assets from a single point mobile device.

"This application was designed to extend Salesforce to offline inspections lifecycle management. We studied more than 100 highly detailed public-sector inspection lifecycle management use cases, and built an application that any business team with basic configuration training can deploy to an unlimited number of monitoring use cases.” said founder of Avandel, Met Ergun.

“Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in the age of the customer,” said Todd Surdey, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce. “By leveraging the power of the Salesforce App Cloud, Avandel provides customers with an exciting new way to utilize mobile devices for connecting real time information about field assets to the people that need it.”


Unlike hybrid or HTML5 applications that are actually just mobile screen optimized online web applications, InspectTHIS! works natively on mobile-device operating systems to increase performance, overall flexibility and functionality. Collected data is kept locally on the mobile operating-system and syncs safely in the background with the configurable InspectTHIS! App

The Salesforce platform helps differentiate InspectTHIS in the inspections marketplace and provides a competitive advantage in terms of functionality, flexibility and scalability. It comes bundled with hundreds of business user-friendly configurable tools critical to a successful inspections program, such as workflows, approvals, reviews, output reports, analytics and robust integration capabilities.

Some of the key targeted vertical solutions:

● Public Sector Inspections for State and Local Governments
● Environment, Health and Safety Inspections
● Construction Site Inspections
● Property Management Inspections
● Fleet and Asset Management
● Field Service Work Order Tracking
● Factory Acceptance Testing, Certification
● Field Performance Monitoring, Quality Control

Established in 2010, Avandel is a Salesforce ISV partner delivering the next generation of social, mobile and cloud technologies that help companies across industries transform the way they sell, service, market and innovate. Avandel’s mission is to empower the business community by freeing them from the shackles of legacy software.

Contact Info:
Name: Met Ergun
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Organization: Avandel Inc
Address: 15635 Alton Parkway Suite 295, Irvine CA 92618
Phone: +1-949-275-2703

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