MNCMETA OU Releases Mony Token and Blockchain Technology

Mony Token is an all-in-one app store, payment gateway and merchant app

MNCMETA OÜ today announced the release of Mony, a new token and form of blockchain technology and the only all-in-one app store, payment gateway and merchant app, handling mobile and dApps.

Mony app is the next generation of the META and NFT app store. It is both a token and blockchain technology that aims to revolutionize the monetization of the gaming industry with a “power-to-the-people” approach. There are fewer middlemen, fewer fees, faster speeds and more. Whether used in gaming or elsewhere, the acronym NFT refers to a Non-Fungible Token for a digital item. It sounds a bit complicated in name, but the idea is fairly simple. An NFT is a certificate of ownership for a digital good that's supposed to be made in a limited quantity.

“The current world of cryptocurrency is afflicted by a huge lack of freedom of expression, a lack of asset assurance, the impossibility of gaming and gamification systems, and an untrustworthy election system,” said CEO Ivan Matuška. “Mony offers cutting-edge solutions to these problems.”

Mony uses blockchain technology and delegated proof-of-work to offer the world a more enduring and efficient gaming experience. The platform uses play-to-earn, a credible electoral system, secured assets and a free and fair communication and networking system.

With the introduction of Mony, gaming is no longer only a recreational activity. It is now a money-making pastime that allows users to harvest rewards through their favorite games, allowing them to earn more revenue. The Mony game incorporates DeFi and Gamification principles into its functioning, resulting in a metaverse that is both immersive and extremely rewarding. With Mony's mobile play-to-earn and proof-of-concept, crypto gaming will be fundamentally transformed, resulting in an inflow of more VC funds and massive user onboarding.

The Mony app is currently available to demo. The full version will be released in the near future.

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Contact Info:
Name: Ivan Matuška
Email: Send Email
Organization: Mony Token
Phone: +421 944 067 780

Release ID: 89062123