MLB Yanks Sign Aging Vet Vernon Wells while Granderson Rehabs with Pitching Machines

The Yankees make a bold move by acquiring 34 year-old veteran Vernon Wells from the Los Angeles Angels. Speculation always reaches its peak before the start of every MLB season, but this time the critics are armed with controversy.

With the humming of different pitching machines for sale that made it onto the practice field has already become a familiar sound as the Yankee dynasty slides down from the top of the mountain. Their aging stars begin to face the reality of decline while rehab training equipment may become the unexpected savior.

According to the, the Bronx Bombers will be without Jeter, A-Rod, Granderson and Teixeira for the season opener against the BoSox, another team on the verge of collapse. Acquiring Wells augments added angst and anguish to an already dicey situation.

Veteran baseball store owner Steve Klein knows a thing or two about conditioning and what it takes to stay ahead of the competition. Known around the diamond world for having quality pitching machines and batting cages for sale, his optimism offers a fresher perspective as opposed to what the critics are saying:

“The Yankee franchise may be in flux right now, but they almost always find a way to bounce back and make the playoffs. The guys over at ESPN are already saying that it’s gonna be a long season for the pin-stripers because of the whole A-Rod thing, but I don’t think it’s as bad as they’re making it out to be.

Even though Vernon’s best years came as a Blue Jay, I think he’ll make a solid contribution. Older players already know that they have to take more batting practice and watch their diets if they wanna stay in the game. When Grandy comes off the DL, Wells can share the DH spot with Hafner. He’ll just have to spend more time at the batting cage to stay sharp. He’ll get to know the pitching machines on a first-name basis.”

Wells went 0-3 with an RBI ground out against the Astros in his first exhibition appearance as the Yankees left-fielder. One of the main issues here for the Yankee brass is the tremendous amount of money involved in the signing of Wells. The Angels will pay the Yankees a cumulative $28 million over the next two seasons while the Yanks will cover the remaining $14 million in Wells’ contract.

Klein, however, still thinks the Yankees have a good shot at making the post-season, and he may be dead-on.

“We can’t forget about the healthy players and the crafty vets in the starting rotation,” Klein added.” Cano, Ichiro, Gardner and Youkilis are all healthy and ready to go. When Jeter, Grandy and Teixeira return, nobody’s gonna wanna face ’em. Putting Wells to the mix only adds to their experience.

With CC at helm on opening day, the fans will be ready to see ‘em knock the Sox back to Boston. For the guys on the mend, they’ll just have to keep pluggin’ away at rehab and batting practice. This isn't a sprint we’re talking about here; slow and steady usually wins the race. That’s enough for today. I’ve got my hands full with the new line of baseball pitching machines for sale getting ready for shipment in the warehouse.”

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